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President Trump along with Republican Congressional leaders are getting hot over the prospects of tax reform. The President, in his usual manner, is questioning the manliness of key Republican Senators and asking rhetorically, can Congress finally pass key legislation.

Apparently, President Trump has something in mind and thinks it is Congress’ job to figure out what will satisfy the President, pass the Senate, and meet the smell test of a “huge middle class tax cut”.

Senator Ted Cruz is panting that unless this tax reform passes, the 2018 elections will not go well for incumbents. Other Senators like Lindsey Graham are saying more or less the same message. I wonder why?

Could it be that Republican incumbents are carrying two “bull’s eyes” on their backs?

The first bull’s eye comes from the conservative right who now view anyone who hesitates on proposed legislation as “too” moderate. Without clear and definitive action, moderate Republicans should expect an extremely well financed primary challenge. Hmmm.

The second bull’s eye is probably not as obvious to Republicans. Simply stated, what will happen if these greedy Republicans do pass tax reform?

Will anyone, other than the wealthy and big corporations be better off?

The answer is assuredly the middle class will see nothing despite the President’s promises. And, when nothing appears in middle class pockets, Republicans will urge patience, the roaring economy is coming. And, so is Christmas.

The Republican Party boasts about 30-35% of the electorate. This groups is home to wealthy “dyed in the wool” Republicans who will vote GOP almost every time. It is just a question of how conservative one of this 35% will vote.

Democrats sport a similar 30-35% who will find it difficult to vote Republican ever. Simplifying the tax code and offering a “huge” middle class tax cut will get more than a snap rejection for these Democrats. If Democrats pay attention and do not get lulled into believing the President and thinking Congress has their interest in mind, a tax bill which primarily helps the wealthy and big corporate interests to the exclusion of the middle class, will become obvious.  Consequently the recognition should come back to haunt Republicans.

The middle group (30-40%) who like to call themselves independents will see this issue as well as healthcare more similar to Democrats. Should Republicans pass tax reform, aka tax cuts for the rich and corporations, and leave the middle class out in the cold, independents will help make 2018 and 2020 bleak for the GOP.

The irony is that there is real need for tax reform and the corporate tax codes put US corporations at a disadvantage on a global basis. The current corporate tax code also allows corporations to shield billions of foreign earnings from the the US tax man.  There is a genuine need for tax reform, not tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Regretfully, we are living in a world where “what I mean is not what I say”. Shame, shame, on the GOP.



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Last evening the Philadelphia Orchestra performed the stage version of West Side Story. It is a magnificent piece and summons upbeat memories from a time when overcoming obstacles seemed part of America’s DNA.

West Side Story features newly arrived Americans from Puerto Rico, the Sharks, entering the turf of first or second generation European immigrants, the Jets.   At the time, the migration of Puerto Ricans into previously all white neighborhoods was the source of both hatred and grave concern.  Could the parties, represented by the Jets and the Sharks, find a way to live together?

West Side Story is based loosely upon Romeo and Juliet and consequently has a sad ending. But, before the ending West Side Story shouts out “life” with brilliant music, lyrics, and dance.  Would a new “whole” be better than the former separated parts?

With all the negativity currently occupying the White House and the halls of Congress, the Philadelphia Orchestra showered hope and happiness, at least for a couple of hours.

Take for example the song, “America”.    One verse presents these words…

I like to be in America!
O.K. by me in America!
Ev’rything free in America
For a small fee in America!

A little later, the ensemble sings…

Immigrant goes to America,
Many hellos in America;
Nobody knows in America
Puerto Rico’s in America!

I wonder whether Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim foresaw that 50 years later America would have a President who seeks to divide and acts as if Puerto Rico is a foreign land?

Weinstein – Fake News?

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President Trump got a breather this week with the news media focused on a new subject.

The New York Time and subsequently most other tabloids began reporting what sexual abuse or harassment Harvey Weinstein heaped upon young actress. The revelations have been characterized as “well everyone knew that” to “we are shocked, had no idea such things were happening”. Liar, Liar.

Revelations that a wannabe starlet was willing to trade sexual favors for an acting job is not new or unexpected information. After all that first assignment is often called “a big break”.

What seems to have captured readers attention is the serial nature of Weinstein’s offers of stardom to so many young actresses. What is being portrayed as real big news is the public admissions of A-list talent and their current willingness to speak out and be quoted.

Weinstein is a fairly large, imposing man. He has been remarkably successful with films he produced. One would think most people would like to be on Weinstein’s list of talent.

Weinstein, however, displays many characteristics of a bully, picking on actresses who want/need the role badly and, of course, are not yet established as A-list talent. Weinstein was in a position to help, if, if , if.

Sound like a fair or adult relationship?

President Trump has boasted that while he owned the Miss America pageant, he would walk in on the contestant while they were dressing. Why, just because he could. And who can forget the Access Hollywood open mic video where Trump bragged about his roving hands. Why, just because he could.

Bullies have similar traits and always attempt to take advantages of those in a weaker or in compromised position. It looks like Weinstein’s days of having it his way are over.

I wonder when a similar outcome will visit President Trump?

What say Mr Tillerson, Mr Corker, or Mr Sessions?

Can One Pander And Also Be A Hypocrite?

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At Sunday’s NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers, played in Indianapolis, Vice President Mike Pence embossed his improbable career path to the commander-in-chief’s seat. Pence who had flown across the country (from California) to attend the game, rose for the national anthem. Standing in his luxury box with hand on heart, before him on the field several 49ers players took a knee (as they had on each previous Sunday and as everyone knew they would this Sunday). Following the anthem, Pence and friends filed out of the stadium.

Later Pence said he and President Trump has discussed this possibility and the President had requested Vice President Pence leave if any players “disrespected” our soldiers, country, or flag. Hmmm.

Pence issued a statement saying “… I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.

The Vice President is an old friend to disrespect. In 2015, as Indiana Governor, Pence signed into law “Bill 101” which legalized discrimination (disrespect) against anyone (including members of our military) under the guise of religious liberty. If you claimed your religious beliefs did not accept members of the GLBT community, anyone would be free to withhold services from those they believed GLBT members. Only after enormous pressure from the sports and business community (over fear of losing millions from public backlash), did Pence agree to removing the onerous parts of the bill.

On Sunday, however, Vice President Pence joined President Trump as co-hypocrites-in-chief by pandering to the faceless white populous groups.  These player protests speak to uneven treatment towards minorities.  People of color overwhelmingly populate professional football, so Pence’s symbolic departure was clear in its intended statement and little to do with his words.

Oh, and as is too often the case, when politicians pontificate about anything to do with the flag, our country, or the military, it is useful to ask a simple question… which branch of the military did you perform your national service?

Sunday showed Vice President Pence was both a “panderer” and a “hypocrite”.

Beautiful Healthcare

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The Tweet-meister has once again promised Americans “beautiful” healthcare, without the “high premiums” some individual insurance seekers are experiencing. What magic does President Trump have in mind? Do you think he will embrace Medicare for all? Do you think he will recommend the US adopt a single payer system like Australia, Canada, or most of Europe?


To date, the GOP has been serious about controlling cost exposure for those in the single payer market. Shamefully, the Republicans have chosen various forms of “less coverage”, “fewer insured”, and outright mistruths to portray their proposal as providing “beautiful” healthcare coverage. Why?

Opposition towards the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been mainly a partisan political event. Republicans have never been serious about maintaining (or increasing) the basic healthcare insured rolls. Republicans have eyed the single payer (largely individual owner proprietorships) who could be counted upon to vote Republican.  The rest of Americans were far less important.

The GOP has lamented rising rates and declining insurance company participation in certain markets. Behind these crocodile tears, however, has been (you select which one), either (1) a basic ignorance of how any insurance market works, or (2) a cruel belief that those added by Obamacare were mostly lazy Americans unwilling to do what it takes to work hard.

Why would insurance companies keep raising rates in many markets? Does anyone connect that people who were sick and now have insurance might just be using it?

Does anyone think that many who otherwise reneged on paying doctors and hospitals previously (and by the way, those costs were written off by everyone else paying through insurance), and were now enrolled in Obamacare, were not going to use healthcare?

There have been some commonsense proposals, short of single payer, such as putting all single individuals seeking insurance into a group composed of all other single individual Americans (forming groups like employers do). The idea is that insurance companies could then set rates based upon this much large pool.

This approach might stabilize insurance markets but over all there is no way this proposal will lower healthcare spending. People who are sick or have experienced healthcare coverage for the first time with Obamacare will still get sick and will still want to use healthcare services.

The tweet-meistre might do well if he asked questions about how to lower healthcare costs without reducing coverage or those covered.

Such a line of questioning will invariably lead to where costs are generated, namely doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. This healthcare industry is like no other in the modern world and represents 1/6th of the US economy. If in some magical way, President Trump decreed that the US should adopt a healthcare model like Germany or France, where healthcare spending is about 1/2 that of the US (with equal or superior healthcare outcomes), it would require years to transition to that model without bankrupting many doctors, hospitals, and drug companies, not to mention healthcare insurance companies.

All I can say is that after such a transition, healthcare would be “beautiful” for the average American.

Strategic Thinking?

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President Trump has signaled that he plans to “decertify” (not recertify in terms of the agreement with Congress) the Iran Nuclear deal. This Presidential act is expected to add this mind boggling foreign policy move to walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement and the abrupt withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Trade Pact. The President seems to be steadily making progress isolating America from the rest of the world.

It might not be difficult to understand why the Iran Nuclear Deal might not seem such a great success. Iran promised to side line its nuclear development activities in return for an end to crippling economic sanctions. Iran, however, did not agree for ever and explicitly did not agree to change its ways beyond the narrow scope of the agreement.

For the John Boltons of this world, this was a weak, maybe useless, agreement.  Israel thought much the same.  Drive for a “better deal” was the conservative mantra.  Hmmm.

The preposterous justification for stretching out Iran negotiations was that their economy was failing and soon there might be a regime change.  What makes anyone think a new Iranian regime would be better than the one that currently exists? Recent history would strongly suggest that Iran would tend towards even greater extremes and regional destabilization. And which Middle East country might lead a better power than Iran? Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia Egypt, or Turkey?

Should the US impose economic sanctions and effectively refute the agreement, most foreign policy experts foresee a global realignment with China and Russia supporting Iran.

If the Trump Administration is expecting Europe to stand solidly behind US policy, this may be a short sighted view. From all technical reports, Iran has abided by the terms of the 6 nation agreement. How could Germany, France, or England convince its citizens that reimposing sanctions was now the right thing to do?

Of course being tough on Iran does play well with many Trump supporters and is music to the Bush era chicken hawks. But this does not answer the question, what is or would be President Trump’s strategy?

One could conclude the President could initiate some new round of negotiations where his self proclaimed deal making skills would come out on top. This is not a strategy.  One could also conclude that there might be some other motivation for what appears to be illogical behavior.

For example, President Trump could be so insecure that he will not rest until he has dismantled every policy established during the Obama years. The President may be so blinded that he can not grasp the advice aides are providing unless the advice reinforces his instincts.

One could also conclude that the President seeks an isolationist USA, separated from other world alliance by self inflicted decisions.  President Trump could see such a situation as producing a ripe set of financial opportunities for the Trump brand.

With no permanent alliances where there were implied mutual behaviors placed upon the US and the other country, the Trump enterprises (and its supporters) could forge all sorts of “one off” deals around the world without fear of breaking some treaty or international understanding. Hmmm.

President Trump is our President thanks to an open election. Although the outcome was close, as Americans we are expected to abide by the results. The implication here is that the President is free to disengage from, refute, or even form, new bilateral arrangements which may not be good for most Americans. Elections have consequences.

There is a picture emerging around the Trump Presidency. President Trump is combining the worst elements of the Republican Party (petty and selfish interests) with his own turmoil loving tendencies to turn the US into a country others do not understand and certainly do not trust. Previous Administrations gave far more attention to both domestic and foreign events, especially as they related to the overall strength of the US economy.

Today, the stock market is at all time highs. The President may think that this is the vote of confidence and high Dow Jones averages protects him from any unanticipated blow back from his policies. Think again Mr President. If big money, pension funds, and hedge fund managers. lose confidence when the market crashes, the Trump Presidency will be a lame duck if it even last to 2020.

Whether it be unpaid tax reform, cheapened healthcare, or discrimination under the name “religious beliefs”, history will quickly show how devastatingly poor the Trump Administrations choices have been.

And then someone will again ask, what was the President’s strategies? What was he thinking?  Did it consider the average American, or just himself?

A Special Place In …

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Abortion is a complicated and oft confusing debate. There should be no question that some sincerely hold the sanctify of life and can accept no reason for ending a pregnancy. There are others who also are against abortion in most cases but do make some exceptions such as rape, incest, and health of the mother. And still there are others who who wish abortions to be rare, safe, and in the end, the exercise of a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health. Heart wrenching arguments have been and continue to be made for each of these positions.

And then there are the politicians who join this argument with an ulterior motive. These politicians can produce a tear on the spot, can get red in the face as they implore a religious justification for denying a woman her right, and while pandering to anti-abortion groups feel no compulsion not to pass the hat for donations. (In truth, politicians are on both sides of this issue.  Regrettably, some who support a woman’s choice may not really care whether Roe v Wade is maintained but show support to help them get reelected…  that’s a good outcome they think.)

Every so often along comes a Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA). Murphy has been an ardent anti-abortion supporter and has spoken out mightily against woman’s rights. But Murphy is also a human being and his heart is susceptible to infatuation (for what ever the reasons). Representative Murphy entered an affair with someone other than his current wife. During this involvement, Murphy and his partner believed she was pregnant. Representative Murphy advised his partner to end the pregnancy with an abortion. Hmmm.

His partner has become dissatisfied with her relationship with Murphy and has revealed Murphy’s urging for an abortion. Social media is abuzz. What else could happen?

Today Representative Murphy announced he would not seek reelection. Justice?

If it were not that the actions of the pro-life crowd and the hypocritical politicians who side with them hurt disproportionately the poor and those least able to take care of themselves, one might argue that not seeking reelection was sufficient pay back. But hypocrites like Representative Murphy deserve something even more special.

Hypocrites occupy a special place in hell (if there is one) and now the reservation sign has Tim Murphy’s name on it.