Litmus and Fred

Fred Thompson is not a declared candidate for the 2008 Republican Presidential slate but he is in second place already !  You want to ask the question, “what do they know that I don”t”.  Maybe it is because Fred is everything and he is also nothing.

It is troubling and maddening that a lot of people say that Fred is their man without even knowing what he stands for.  (We know he stands for Law and Order).  But when the question is asked, here is what you get:

1. Well….. he’s conservative…. And so was George Bush and look at what we have gotten…

2. Well… he’s for family values…. And so was George Bush and we have gotten Terry Shaivo and abstinence as the best defense against AIDS…  This is cruel and unreasonable punishment…

3. Well… he’s for fiscal responsibility and lower taxes… If I don’t miss my guess, that is what George Bush said too. 

Fred you will need to give specifics on how you will handle the following “must do’s”:

1. We have engaged in an unjust war in Iraq and charged the costs to the next generations.  Our children and their children will have to pay off this new debt.  Fred, you need to begin paying all military expenses out of current income.  Bringing home the troops will help you.

2. You need to assure all Americans that the promise made to them about a secure safety net will not be pulled out from underneath them.  Social Security must be secured for the future.

3. Affordable healthcare with dignity for all those living in the US is a key responsibility.  Like social security it is about sharing our Country’s wealth in a fair manner.

4. We need to stimulate our children through exciting and innovative schools.  The purpose is to revitalize the value creation spirit that has America great.  Emphasis on math and science is a must.

5. We need a “man to the moon” project focused on significantly decreasing our use of fossil fuels and our dependance on the Middle East.  This effort must be done hand in hand with an equal commitment to reduced CO2 emissions.

6.  It is time for the tone at the top to change and a more conciliatory, team building, compassionate Administration to take power.  If we continue with the George Bush/Karl Rove type of politics, we will drive a spike through America’s heart.

7. The litmus test of this election is looking to be abortion.  Pro-choice versu Pro-life.  With all the serious and long lasting impact issues to have a litmus test on abortion is close to a crime against humanity.  Fred it is ok how you feel on this issue.  You can be pro-life or pro-choice, it makes no difference.  What makes a difference is whether you attempt to insert this view into our non-secular world.  Fred this is a big test for you.  Stand to the right and you will lose.

The issue with Fred is about “how to”.  He is smooth for sure, but does he have a clue.  Soon he will have fact checkers, speech writers, idea generators, and campaign handlers who will shield and prepare him for these tough questions.  Details Fred, it’s all about the detail.

There is another undeclared candidate in the name of Michael Bloomberg.  I would expect very thoughtful and practical answers to these position that have been put to Fred.  Bloomberg is an accomplished businessman and possesses a lot of street smarts.  Never the less, should he enter the race, he will need to articulate reponses to these questions.  These answers will give you the best insight whether the candidate is a talker or a do-er.

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