No Plan B

The Bush team of apologists is coming out now announcing that September will be too soon to measure the effectiveness of the surge.  Well tell me something that is a real surprise!

It is not a surprise that the Administration will delay any meaningful assessment in September.  This could have been seen many months ago because the surge was clearly dead on delivery.  The surge has never, and never will have a chance of succeeding.  It is simply based on unrealistic assumptions.

Here is a view of the mess:

1. I am sure George Bush would hope for military success from the surge.  But it is even more obvious that “the 15 watt bulb” that lights up Bush’s thinking processes never expected the surge to work.  Rather the surge is an exercise in buying time.  “Eighteen months and I am out of here,” says George.  Any bad that happens after that is the problem for his successor.

2. The surge will produce results.  Unfortunately the results will be tragic and will be measured in needless American Servicemen deaths not to mention 20 times as many Iraqi civilian deaths. 

3. The next 18 months will mark no progress in integrating an overall Middle East strategy too.  So who ever takes over as the next President will need to piece together a comprehensive Middle East strategy and implement it.  More time and deaths will tick off the clock.  George Bush is like a gift that will keep on giving.

The morale of this story is that we should never elect someone who walks like a chicken hawk, talks like a chicken hawk, and looks like a chicken.  George and the person who pulls the strings that makes the Bush marionette speak and move, Dick Cheney, have been a curse on our country.  I believe it is tremendous loss that George and Dick will not seriously entertain any alternatives to the surge but I am far more worried about these two loose cannons and whether they will fire at someone… like Iran before the 18 months is over.

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