Excuse Me, Who’s Pathetic?

The New York Times carried another article today on the potential opposition Rudy Giuliani may face from Catholic Bishops.  The opposition is based upon Rudy’s political compromise on abortion.  It just goes to show you are far better off saying what you really believe than pandering and still getting slammed.

Rudy’s compromise is that he is “personally against abortion” but will respect the law and will not work to change it.  The issue is not abortion and should be framed as being in favor of a woman’s inalienable right to her own body and the right to protect her own reproductive health.  This is clear and inherant in the view that all men are created equal.  Since Rudy could not bring himself to totally flip flop in trying to pander to the right wing and fundamentalist christians, he used the Pontius Pilot line and has washed his hands.

Bishop Thomas J Tobin of Providence got his name in the head lines first calling Rudy’s position “pathetic, “confusing” and “hypocritical”.  These are words coming from a leader in a church rife with child abuse and one that denies the right of women to officiate at church services.  I would say that Tobin is at least consistent in his second class status for women.

Rudy is probably not on the path to sainthood with him working on his third marriage.  Never-the-less this type is of public uterance (by Tobin) is out of place in our non-secular society.  If Tobin can urge his followers this way, then why can’t an Islamic leader urge his follower’s to subvert the current Rhode Island law and substiture Sharia Law in its place?

What is amazing in Tobin’s statement is the use of the word “hypocritical”.  In addition to Catholics, other religions that deny a woman’s right to choose, base this position on not violating human life.  Yet where is the consistancy when human life is born.  Where are these religious leaders when the child is born into poverty or abuse?  Where are they when the child becomes sick or injured?  Where are they when their country enters an unjust war and takes the young to die in combat?  Where are they when the young grow up and some find themselves on death row?  Where are they in preventing abuse by their own ministers and priests?  And once again, who is pathetic?

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