Kennebunkport Summit

George H. W. Bush is bailing George W. Bush out of a jam again.  George the senior has agreed to host a mini Summit between Vladimir Putin and his son, George “still listening to a higher power” Bush.  Putin will want to know why the “higher power” thinks it is a good idea to put missiles and radar on Russia’s front door step when if Russia tried to put missiles into Cuba or Venezuela to defend themselves against rogue South American coutnries, Bush would not think that was such a good idea.

Putin’s counter proposal of including Russian assets in the NATO defenses was quite clever and if the US was on the up and up, it should have been accepted.  But our cold war “die hards” (who sorely miss the simplicity of one good guy and one bad guy) really want a system that could potentially be used against Russia or some Russian ally.  What everyone should want is to prevent Russia from retargeting its missiles on European sites.

George senior knows this and so does every other clear headed person.  Speaking of clear headed people, this is one Summit that the other President, Dick Cheney, should not attend.  His mind is locked in the ice ages of the cold war and has been the pusher of this missile program from day 1. 

On my wish list is that George senior will take Junior aside during the weekend and tell him where the bus stops.  George junior is on target to have, in 8 years, discredited the Bush name, the Presidency, and America’s reputation around the world.  The most gracious thing one can say is that Junior has listened too long and too hard to Dick “5 deferments” Cheney and his narrow and wrong headed neoconservatives.  It is time to dump Cheney and as fast as he can paddle the ship of state back towards the center.  (Unfortunately Junior is not big on hard work and much prefers to have his picture taken and give speeches with fractured English).

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