Republican Senatorial Awakening

Senators John Warner and Richard Lugar announced a proposal to require the President Bush to produce a troop reduction plan by October.  While this is a promising sign, it could also lead to a dead end.

1. The issue should not be just a troop reduction plan although that will be a primary part of any positive change.

2. The issue facing the US is an Administration that does not consider reality and continues to make decisions based upon ideology and not fact based reason.  This is not a Republican problem since there are plenty of rational and clear thinking Republicans.  This is a “neoconservative-fundamentalist/evangenical” alliance thinking that has lead to the Iraqi debarcle.

3. Now that Iraq is broken, the US has a responsibility to fix it.  To fix Iraq will require a Middle East fix involving a total repositioning of the past uneven approach.

4. Beware of the Trojen horse.  In October, the President will likely announce an May or June 2008 date for a slight reduction.  This will correspond to the date that the Pentagon has said would be the date where they could no longer maintain the current 160,000 troop strength and so there would need to be a reduction anyways. 

5. Warner and Luger are honest men and I would guess are mostly genuine in the proposal.  Mostly I say because the two big issue for Republicans are:

  • Do not get tagged with losing the War
  • Get as many Republicans elected in 2008 as possible

6. For Bush and Cheney, their objectives remain the same:

  • Do as much as is possible to necessitate an indefinite presence of US troops in Iraq
  • Ensure there is no decision to end the war (or long term presence) before the end of Bush’s term.  In this manner they can criticize the next administration for ending the war.

It looks like a long shot to see justice served.  In the international arena, there should be a trial on initiating an illegal war and various crimes against humanity.  In the US there should be articles of impeachment and lying to Congress charges for both Cheney and Bush.  As the days go on debating withdrawal proposals, the end of Bush’s term draws nearer.  Soon no one will have the energy of a trial and most everyone will be happy to just see them go.

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