Ari Fleischer’s Disgrace

A new group named “Freedom’s Watch” of which Ari Fleischer is a founding member has launched a TV, radio, and print media campaign to boost support for the surge.  America is the land of the free and so Fleischer and others have every right to be pro-surge or anti-surge.  But America is also the home of the brave and Fleischer is lower than whale turds when he uses severely wounded veterans and mother/spouses of deceased/severely wounded soldiers and puts propaganda in their mouths.  It is a disgrace.

1. Those who are severely wounded or those who are related to deceased or severely wounded service men and women are susceptable to any suggestions that their loss was justified and for a worthy cause.  To exploit these emotions is the same “chicken hawk” mentality that got us into Bush’s war of choice in the first place.

2. Each and every member of the armed services knows or should know that while on active duty they might be exposed to enemy action and become wounded or killed.  This is a random risk and most military members complete their duty without incident.  For those who are wounded or are killed, it is too late to look for justification.  Their situation was just the luck of the draw.  Therefore war testimonials need not (and should not) come from the most emotionally vulnerable and ethically should come from those who escaped injury.

3. The Flesicher message is that the rest of us should honor the sacrifices of the wounded or deceased soldiers by supporting the surge (and whatever is to follow) so that the sacrifices will not be in vein.   This is simply dead wrong thinking.  We should honor the sacrifices of these honorable soldiers simply because they did their duty. 

  • The Iraq War was a war of choice
  • The Iraq War was undertaken illegally and under false pretenses
  • The Iraq War was begun without adequate preparation and with not a clue as to how to manage the peace.
  • The Iraq War has been systematically managed to minimize the exposure Americas have to the costs of war.
  • It was “chicken hawks” who themselves did not serve who lead us into war.  President Bush’s National Guard duty was a clear attempt to avoid active duty in the regular military and a Vietnam tour.

The timing of this ad campaign is focused on the mid-September Congressional surge status debate and its continued funding.  These ads attempt to rewrite history and distort the critical issues at hand.  America is in a war that it should not be in.  It is important to know why and how we got to where we are.  Then, America needs to refocus its national policies that more fully reflect the duties and responsibilities of being the world’s only super power. 

1. The Neoconservatives and Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Pearl/Wolfowitz/Feith marched into Iraq under the flag “America is the most powerful nation and we do not need anyone’s approval.  This is a prescription for disaster and it has turned out to be.

2. As the most powerful nation, we have both the luxury and the duty to lead by example.  If we champion human rights, then our record within the US needs to be spotless.  If we believe in rule by law, we need to demonstate that we can observe both US and International law.  If we believe in science and education, we need to ensure that we do not shackle our selves with faith based dictates.

3. Above all, the US needs to pay attention to what got us to the dance.  It is our economy and our ability to operate globally, and not the Middle East that should be number one priority.  This suggests we pay attention to what makes us competitive at home and what trade relationships we need to foster.  (For example, we need never become a military enemy of China if we promote a positive, competitive, and growing trade relationship.

Shame, shame on Ari.  He is selling a defective product and taking advantage of those who perform in his commercials.  What do the 2008 Candidates think?

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