A Man With No Vision

Early in the Bush Administration’s first term, our macho man told the Russians that he was no longer going to be bound by the ABM treaty.  George and his pals wanted to begin deployment of a new missile system and the ABM treaty prevented the deployment.  But George assured the Russians that they had nothing to fear.  The Russians, however, did not buy that line and warned that they would have to reassess their other agreements too.

George (and the little man on his shoulder Dick (Dr Strangelove) Cheney) saw the Russians as weak and almost goaded them into resuming a arms war where the Russians could bankrupt themselves again.  George and Dick were so smart.  They held all the power and the Russians did not.  Times have changed.

Earlier this year the Bush brain trust proposed putting these new missiles into Poland and Checkia.  The Russians got really mad and threatened to realign their European military assets.  George told Putin that he should not be concerned because these missiles were not aimed against Russia.   So it was full steam ahead as far as George was concerned.

Unforeseen in the Chicken Hawks’ thinking was the consequences of invading Iraq.

1. Invading a former Russian ally was bad enough but doing it without the Russian’s non-objection was rubbing salt in the wound.

2. The ensuing turmoil resulting from the Iraq War has been a doubling of oil and gas prices, and suddenly the economically weak Russians were awash in money.  And money can buy weapons.

3. A second consequence of the Iraq War coupled with the Bush Administration’s fiscal malfeasance is the weakening dollar.  Now it costs the US much more to buy anything in the world.

4. The Iraq War has strategically stretched US military forces and rendered them useless if another justified police action arose.  The Russians know this.

 So now the shoe is on the other foot.  President Putin has just visited Iran and posed smiling with Iranian leaders.  Putin also made a speech in which he said that no one (naming no one but covering everyone) should even think of using force in the region (read against Iran).  This is a bold statement reminesent of the good old cold war days.

The amazing aspect of this is that this situation never had to occur.  Both the war and the star wars missile defense program represent huge mistakes and wastes of money.  Both have resulted in large messes and the route to get out of Iraq and to improve relations with the Russians is not clear.  Looking to the future where one can see only a larger presence for China and India, goading the Russians into an antagonistic posture simply makes no sense.  I wonder what the neoconservatives and the cowboy chicken hawks are saying now?

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