More on a Third Party

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is not very much and generally makes little meaning.  Sure the Republicans have traditionally favored the wealthy, farmers, and big business, and the Democrats have favored public works, unions, and the middle class.  But in a strange way these all worked symbiotically.  Money to big business provided jobs for the middle class and aid to farmers provided food at low purchasing cost.  A healthy middle class provided good workers who bought farm products as well as other American made goods.  As I look around the world is looking a little different today.

1. The devastation of the Bush/Cheney years has only begun to be realized.  In the years ahead we will pay a huge price for division in the US (issues such as gay and lesbian rights, an unrealistic immigration rhetoric, the super rich-poor divide, red-blue states, woman’s rights to choose, and surrender of the foreign policy to neoconservatives).

2. The IOU’s being racked up on a war that was unnecessary and can not end in anything like a victory, will eat away at the strength of the dollar (and the value of everyone’s savings).

3. The wholesale pandering of the major news organizations are feeding their listeners or viewers to pre-digested, fully spun, fact-less dribble of information.  There are no more Walter Chronkites on commercial TV.

4. Campaign financing is totally out of control.  With effectively unlimited contributions, any candidate’s message can drown out what may actually be the case.  And the more the money, the more each candidate is going to owe their contributors.

Interestingly the internet is providing money relatively anonymously in small bundles where strings are not obviously attached.  Internet communications is also a source of refreshing balanced information.  (The balance comes from the whole set of internet reports, not from a single report.)

So the question of where does a third party fit. 

1. It might not be just a third part, it may be a number like 5-10 new ones.  Can you see Paul, Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani all in the same party?   With the exception of Kucinich, the other Democrats are different peas in the same pod. 

2. What seems missing in all the candidates is (1) a vision of the future and what type of foreign policy will best get us there and (2) the serious situation our economy is facing (from world competition and wasteful spending, including the Iraq War) and how to reinvigorate the productive capacity of the US.  You won’t produce these visions and ideas on the strength of farm policy or union support.

3. If we say that Republicans are soon to be the party of less government, non-progressive taxes, and evangelical/fundamentalist religious businesses, and the Democrats are the party of government redistribution of wealth and policy according to polls, then there is an opening for the Pragmatists, Reality Engineers, and America Union Parties, to name just three.

4. The Pragmatists support common sense solutions to real problems and avoid deliberately creating new problems.  Pragmatitists support balanced budgets, fair taxation, and eliminating trade deficits.  On social issues, Pragmatitists believe that everyone was created equal and are inbued with inalienable rights

5. Reality Engineers are a new breed that studies the world in cold numeric terms and designs policy and programs that fully incorporate reality.  Wars are fought only if there is a dollars and cents justification (and only as a last resort).  Economic and political tools are the choice of Reality Engineers in conducting foreign policy.  On social issues, they prefer controlled experiments where data is required before entitlement programs are rolled out to the entire country.  Reality Engineers primary focus is on the environment and fully renewable energy.

6. The American Union Party is dedicated to “one America” where a common union is formed with Mexico, Canada, and the US.  This party believes in the power of people, education, and the huge common market.  This party more than the others is domestically focused and has minimal interest in foreign policy.  It’s abandonment of foreign policy will have unexpected positive impact upon the relations of the US with the Middle East, China, Russia, and closer to home, Cuba and Venezuela.  The American Union Party strongly supports the woman’s right to choose, gay and lesbian freedoms, and strong measures to prevent gun ownership from endangering people.

I wonder whether these predictions will worry Hillary, John, Barack, Rudy, Mit or Fred?  (We already know that nothing scares McWho).

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