Old Europe Visits Texas

Chancellorin Angela Merkel, the elected leader of Germany, is visiting Crawford this weekend.  She must lead a dull life to want to visit Crawford and she must be smoking something to want to spend time with George.  But none the less she is there.

The Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung reported her visit in the context of all the other European leaders who have visited before.  There is no shortage of subjects of mutual importance such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Russia, but the recent visit a French President Nickolas Sarkozy may be the underlying reason.  If Mr. Freedom Fries wants to visit the US and snuggle up to George and Dick, then the leadership of Europe may be up for grabs.  Merkel is a shrewd politician and despite the odor in Crawford may see the symbolism of a “one up” visit to Crawford as a way of telling Sarkozy that Germany is still more important (Sarkozy only made it to Washington, DC).

I can image the following short conversation between George and Angela.

Angela:  How’s it going George, those poll numbers don’t look so good.

George: Ya, there lower than whale poop.  I gave Dick and Rummy a little too much rope and they proceeded to mess things up big time.  Now mind you all our political friends have done just fine with the war spoils and the big tax reductions we gave them, ha ,ha, ha. 

Angela:  So you think Iraq was a mistake ?  You aren’t planning to say that publically are you?

George:  Heck no.  But I can tell you that and maybe together we can figure out how we can help each other.  You know, how I could help you get another term, and maybe how you could throw Germany’s support to some of the initiatives I have going in the Middle East.

Angela:  But George, do you have a overall plan?  How does America policy fit Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, the Palestians, Turkey, Russia , China, Cuba and Venezuela.  Are any of these tied together?

George:  Angela, don’t go getting technical on me.  This is a very complicated world and things sometimes just happen.  Dick and Condi are working hard on this.  They are doing a heck of a job.

Angela:  I see.  Well maybe in a few months you can visit Germany and we can eat bratwurst in Berlin.  I could show you where the wall once stood and you can make a speech and have your picture taken.

Mercifully this will be an over night Crawford visit and Angela will be able to move on.

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