The Dance of the Disingenuous

This week will begin the “Annapolis” talks.  At long last Secretary of State Condi Rice will host a summit of sorts where the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is to be discussed.  It has been 7 years already of the Bush/Cheney Administration and the Rosetta Stone of Middle East peace is just getting Presidential attention.  You talk of the horse before the cart, well the Bush/Cheney crowd wrote the book.

It should not take a genius to recognize that as long as the Israelis and the Palestinians are fighting, and the question of the future of the Palestinians was unsettled, there would be a source for unrest through out the entire Middle East.  Or saying it differently, unless the US worked diligently (with or without Israel’s cooperation) on Israeli-Palestinian peace accords, there could be no peace or civil order in the rest of the Middle East.  With Israel and the Palestinians living peacefully together, a Saddaam Hussein could have been isolated and removed without an invasion.  With the Palestinians secure and with hope for the future, Iran could be isolated and made to see their best interest would be served without nuclear weapons.  And of course, without Israeli invasions of Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, and overflights into Syria, the Syrian foreign policies could have evolved in a much more cooperative way.

But that is all behind us.  Bush/Cheney have dug a large hole and do not recognize they must stop digging if they want to get out.  Condi is a very weak and ineffective Secretary of State.  She is an accademic who is living in the wrong generation since her expertise is from the cold war period.  Dick “I love oil” Cheney will be in the back ground throwing as much sand as possible into the diplomatic machinery.  George “I love to have my picture taken and to make speeches” Bush will headline the US delegation but do not expect much.  The Arabs may be dysfunctional and the source of at least half the Israel-Palestinian problem, but they are not stupid.  They can see Bush for what he is and will act very cautiously during these talks.

To the 2008 Presidential candidates…  here is another problem you will inherent from the Bush Administration.

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2 Comments on “The Dance of the Disingenuous”

  1. Alex Says:

    Suppose Israeli-Pali peace ensues. Do you think it would bring the peace to the Middle East? Iran will embrace Iraq, Iraq will love Kuwait, Saudi Arabia will join hands with Egypt? Better read this

  2. Alex, thanks for your comment. Your link raises important observations and certainly there can be no peace unless the states involved take a responsible position versus their governing. The issue I raised in “The Dance of the Disingenuous” is that peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis is a pre-condition for a modern and peaceful Middle East (regardless if it is Islamic or democratic). I believe the Bush/Cheney track record is one of “who cares”, or worse “we can impose a solution” on Iraq, Syria, or Iran.

    Wars need a cause, money to finance them, and people willing to die in the conflict. A peaceful Israel and Palestinian situation will help but there certainly are a lot of hurdles.

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