McCain Was Back Last Night

In the Republican 2008 Presidential campaign debate last evening, John McWho did not show up but fortunately John McCain did.  On the only question of any substance, John nailed the answer and then shoved it down Mitt Romney’s throat when the Mitt-ster tried to be Michael Mukasey.  Water boarding is torture and there should be no confusion.

The Mitt-ster was standing their like a proud peacock trading punches with whomever when Anderson Cooper asked McCain whether he would outlaw water boarding if he were president.  McCain quickly confirmed that he would not permit any type of torture including water boarding and would follow the Geneva Convention.  Anderson turned to Romney and asked the same question and the world stopped.  Romney began with an equivocation “torture is bad and we shouldn’t do it” and when asked again specifically about water boarding, he puffed up and said that during the campaign his policy was not to speak about what techniques may or may not be in use by the government so as to not give the terrorists any important information.  It was wrong for Mukasey to get away with this shadowy talk and it is ever more wrong for Romney to try and hide behind this rhetoric. 

This is a red, white, and blue issue and McCain got it right and Romney did not.  In soccer Mitt drew a red card last night.

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4 Comments on “McCain Was Back Last Night”

  1. Overheard in Youtube… quoute from the CNN Republican Debate by McCain

    I was listening to the CNN Republican Debate and got a very nice idea of what I could expect of US not going to win the government next year. Even though I support Ron Paul I found out he is still too weak and in a couple years he will be in the top o…

  2. Homo Hommi Lupus, thanks for your comment. I searched high and low for something positive to say about the Republican candidates and John’s passionate defense of the Geneva Convention was the best I could find. I also remember the Vietnam War very well and just as in Iraq, our troops never lost a battle, but they surely back the losing government and lost the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.

  3. […] establishment GOP opposes Mike Huckabee is because of his opposition to waterboarding. By the way, Mitt Romney supports torture. Hmmm […]

  4. I am not sure whether the GOP establishment opposes Mike Huckabee (I simply do not know). It is just as difficult to define who the establishment are and who they support at this point. My guess is that Huckabee is too loose a cannon for big money. Mike will most likely overplay his “religion on his sleeve” and people will see him for a calculating opportunists as he is.

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