Justice, Justice, Everywhere, Not Any A Drop to Drink

In yesterday’s news paper I read a report on a case in Federal Court in Washington, DC.  The case involved a US citizen on trial for charges that could not be made public for national security reasons.  The defendant was not able to hear the charges against him, the names of the witnesses, and the evidence supporting the secret charges.  Justice officials claimed that to reveal any of this information would compromise on-going Government investigations.  Government officials did concede that the defendant, being a US citizen, was entitled to a speedy trial.

Does this make you head spin?  Does it remind you of “A Tale of Two Cities”?  Well the report mentioned in the first paragraph is not true (yet).  However one very similar to it is playing out at the Guantanamo detention facility.  There Omar Ahmed Khadr is about to go on trial before a military commission under very similar circumstances.  The Government would ask us to believe that Khadr’s “defense lawyers” are representing Khadr and this makes the process consistent with the US’s long history of human rights. 

While the Supreme Court will soon decide if these monkey trials can continue, it should take anyone suitable to be our next President, 2 seconds to declare this a travesty of human rights and a deep, dark, smudge on the image of America.  It is a sad time when such righteous narrow thinkers in the Bush/Cheney Administration could reek this much havoc on the American way.

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