The Mormon Speech

The Romney campaign announced over the weekend that Mitt will give a major speech on how his Mormon religion would influence his term as President if he were elected.  Having been already a successful businessman, the CEO of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, and a State Governor, you might ask what more can he say. 

This is a speech that should not be needed and is totally irrelevant in the secular Government we enjoy.  There are, however, other realities that Mitt needs to confront.  The realities surround the Bible thumping Mike Huckabee who has just moved ahead of Romney in the polls.  It is alleged that Mike is picking up the religious conservative vote and that is making the difference.  Mitt has spent a ton of money and to lose Iowa will put a lot into question about the viability of his candidacy.

Huckabee’s name seem strange until you say it 10 times.  He comes across as a sincere, affable, everyday type of guy.  I would suggest that Mitt consider the impression Mike is amking versus the starched shirt or right out of Lands End look that he presents. 

The great travesty here is that religion should not have any role at all.  These men are running for President not chief pastor of the country.  As usual we tend to forget, what someone believes is their business, and not mine, and what I believe is my business and not theirs.

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