Al Gore

As Al reflects on his Nobel Prize and appreciates the World’s opinion of him versus George W Bush, it must provide Al some sense of reward.  We must remember that Al knew he had been screwed in 2000 but chose to accept the Supreme Court verdict without further appeal in order that the country move forward.  If he had known then what he knows now, I wonder whether he would have made that decision again.  And even more puzzling, do you think if fortunes had been reversed, that George would have gone willingly and then worked on environmental issues?

As I wonder why Chris Dodd and Joe Biden stick around in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina with no chance at all, I assume they are playing the only game available.  They must assume that out of the “Hillary, Barack, and John” litter, there will emerge no winner.  The role of the dark horse, compromise candidate will fall to one of them.

I am wondering whether in that scenario an experienced candidate who speaks of hope might not step forward.  That of course would be Al.  He would be free of damage from this circus of debates and would throw the Republican smear campaigns for a loop.  In fact a ticket of Gore and Clinton (with Hillary as VP) might be both poetic justice and politically shrewd.  Gore and Obama might be even more exciting and prepare Barack for the future.

My only concern about Al in this type of play out is that if it is Al, then it is not Mike Bloomberg.  Life is not perfect.

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2 Comments on “Al Gore”

  1. kip Says:

    Al Gore is an international hero. He’s actually become too big for the presidency. Besides, he and Hillary hate each other’s guts. I agree with you that Biden and Dodd should get out of the running. Not because they’re bad guys or anything, but because Washington needs them more right now.

  2. Thanks Kip… who knows and I was not serious about Hillary… I do think if the Democrats come to a tie situation, Al would make himself available for both ego and ability to move the needle on the environment reasons… Time will tell

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