How to Stop a Boomerang

Many people are scratching their heads again and wondering how this water boarding thing got back in the news.  The President distinctly said “we do not torture”.  And the Vice President tilted his head and said “the President said we do not torture”.  Why then do we get upset when a couple of CIA interrogation videos got destroyed?  The answer is we do not believe them.  Here is a scenario (set in 2005) that might explain it

VP: “Scooter, get rid of those tapes.  I just don’t think we can explain the value of the information we got versus the impression some of the bleeding hearts would get”.

Scooter: “Yes Dick.  Should I use the normal method”?

VP: “Of course.  Get the lawyers to sign off and if they won’t get new lawyers.  Then pick someone near retirement and verbally promise that person a 7 figure job and a pardon if this thing blows up.”

Scooter: ” Do you think this could unraveling and point back at us?”

VP: “No chance.  Nobody believes lawyers, sorry Scooter, anyways.  The CIA can claim approval and then deflect the storm by saying Congress was fully informed”.  The Congress is so compromised trying to be tough and progressive, religious and non-secular, and for the poor guy while taking a ton of money from the rich, that they will stammer and stutter and this thing will blow over.”

Scooter: “Sounds brilliant, Dick”

VP: “The best part, Scooter, is that we started all this by pushing those weak kneed civil rights people out of the way.  We will keep moving in new CIA management and soon no one will be in charge who was around when the tapes were destroyed.  There will be no footprints leading to my door!”

 The “tone at the top” of any organization sets in motion unpredictable secondary reactions in middle and lower levels of the organization.  If your intentions are to follow the constitution and respect both human and civil rights, you must set this message clear at the beginning by those at the very top.  You must also employ an effective inspector general role in independently confirming the compliance of the organization in every day operations.  The Bush/Cheney crowd have done exactly the opposite and we have the results to show.

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