Christian with a small “C”

It has been reported that the Huckabee camp has inferred that the Mormon Church believes the devil is black.  This, of course, has nothing to do with the election or with the decision process amongst all the Republican candidates.  In private, it is highly unlikely that any of the candidates believe there is a hell or a heaven where people run around either in asbestos shoes or silk slippers.

You wonder what was behind this slur.  Even if true, there are many that hold that Jesus was most likely black or at least very dark skinned.  What has that got to do with Romney and whether he will be a good president?  What has a statement like that got to do with our expectations that a Huckabee Presidency would embrace science and us it to improve the lives of all Americans?  Unfortunately, probably a lot and it does not bode will for science. 

Let’s get back to events and positons that will impact our lives and improve the US’ position in the greater world.  Let’s talk about things that are proveable and leave this fanciful thinking to the philosophers.  There is something small about rumors, especially ones that impugn both the receiver and the innocent victim.  Huckabee showed me he is a christian.

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