McCain and Lieberman

Yesterday Joe Lieberman endorsed John McCain for the New Hampshire primary (and for any other State that will listen to him).  I wonder whether John will return the favor, if nominated, and select Joe to run as the VP candidate again?

The endorsement is somewhat peculiar.  Lieberman, although an Independent, mostly votes with the Democrats and was allowed to keep his seniority by the Democratic leadership.  To understand it we must consider

1. All the Democratic candidates are for a scaled down Iraq War effort.  Joe is a hawk and has spoken out strongly in support of the Iraq invasion.

2. While most all the Republican candidates talk tough, they are viewed by AIPAC, Israel’s US lobby group, with a litte suspicion.  Romney is a Mormon, you know.  Rudy is Rudy and we can’t be sure who he will be next week.  Huckabee is equally unknown but starting with an evangelical bent, he is suspicious.  And when Fred wakes up, we will find out if he is a friend of Israel.

3. John has also demonstrated that he can bend to special interests as he did so magnificently with Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson.  John’s lips are still chapped.

4. John McCain is a solid contender and to receive anyone’s endorsement should not be a surprise.  Lieberman, however, owes AIPAC big time and the endorsement has gotten his name in the headlines again.

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