Three Questions

With the last few day’s campaigning in the Republican 2008 Presidential nomination race, three large questions have arisen.  With the field so evenly split, I wonder if more question will arise than are answered.  The questions are:

1.  What is Mike Huckabee thinking when he persists in inserting God into the campaign.  Speaking to the converted he said that it would be easier to change the Constitution than to “change the word of God”.  Has he not read the constitution and the first amendment?  Has he already decided which God (of the many possible to assume) is the God that the rest of us must bow to?  Does he not realize that what he says to the evangelicals is reported to the entire country? 

2. Now that Mitt Romney has won the gold in Michigan, he has a new life (we are told by the press).  But the question is why?  For sure he picked up a few votes for the nomination but why did the voters turn away from John McCain?  Why did so many main line and well to do Republicans vote for Mitt and not John?  Did those voters simply not like or trust John, or did they like the executive capabilities of Romney?  Did they realize he was a Mormon (as Huckabee has pointed out) and simply did not care?

3. Ron Paul received almost 7% of the vote coming in higher than “sleeping” Fred and “waiting for Florida” Rudy.  For someone few people had heard about before he announced his candidacy, Ron has polled well in Iowa, New Hampshire, and now Michigan.  You might be quick to say that he did not finish higher than fourth in these three races but the 6-10% range speaks to a significant segment that is attracted to Ron’s message.  With Paul’s internet fund raising success, could he be a third party candidate when the Republican Party turns to a more traditional pick?

Of course there are more than three questions, and probably with the South Carolina primary, there will be even more.  I just wonder whether we will get answers to these before we have more questions.

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