Republican Myth

Reporters are now picking up on the observation that the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates are making almost no reference to President George W Bush or to his Administration’s record.  Tell me something that I did not know!

When a group of Republican voters were asked why they thought no mention of little George was being made, they responded with:

1. “I don’t know.”  This is probably the most truthful and accurate answer since most Republicans (like Democrats) are that because they always were.  There is no thinking (or very little) about why the actual or assumed party prinicples appeal to an individual.  There is a huge difference, in my opinion, between someone saying “I am a life long Republican because I feel more comfortable with their sense of prudent government spending”, and “I think George Bush is a great Republican”.  George Bush has made a mockery of everything that has stood for Republicanism and people need to recognize that.  Pandering to evangelicals, waging pre-emptive war on false pretenses, attacking gays and lesbians as lesser citizens, and ignoring our Constitutional civil and human rights is a short list. 

2. “The 2008 Presidential race is about looking to the future and not the past”.  This is a great answer although it begs why not brag about the past like every other campaign has done.  When historians begin to write about the Bush era, they will not need much ink.

3. “I am not sure why the candidates are on talking about the President because President Bush has been successful.  We are winning the war now.”  Those who answer the question this way need to see a professional medical person or stop taking their mind altering drugs.  When anyone refers to the Iraq War and claims we are winning (or losing) they are making an irrelevant statement.  Just like if the US invaded Costa Rica and the Government boasted of victory, military action in Iraq must over time always end with US winning the battles.  We simply have too many resources. 

When you hear the Republican candidates boasting about “winning the war in Iraq”, you need to remember:

1. This was a war of choice and never needed to take place. 

2. The Iraq War was justified to the American public on false premises and has been shown over time to have no justification.

3. Once the US had invaded and had caused a regime change, the US was obligated to “fix what it had broken”.  This has taken 5 years (and counting), almost 4000 lives (and counting) and more than 1/2 trillion dollars (and counting), just to fix what we broke.  No matter how you look at it, the Iraq War was an expensive mistake.

4. The question that should stop anyone who says “we are winning” should be, “oh that’s great, when will all the troops be home?”

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