Bush’s Surprise?

Yesterday before the CPAC meeting, President Bush told the audience that they would need to unite behind the Republican nominee if the Republican Party was to retain the White House.  Strangely Bush never mentioned John McCain by name.  Is there a message sitting out there?

Coincidently, Vice President Dick “the deferments” Cheney was speaking out on the virtues of waterboarding and how we all can sleep better at night.  Is this an early sign that Dick will announce his candidacy in the next few days?  It may be too late just from a numbers point of view but perhaps McCain will ask Cheney to run the selection process for McCain’s VP choice.  Doesn’t it sound comforting to think there might be a chance for Darth Vader to nominate himself for a third term as VP?

The thought of Cheney makes the possibility of Huckabee look refreshing.  Still there are no indiciations that Mike will be the man.  High stakes poker it looks like. 

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