Strict Constructionist Warning

If the debacle that is called the George W Bush Presidency is not enough to convince you that “ABR” (anyone but a Republican) will rule the next election, then conside what Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia said recently.  He said that there was no basis for ruling out techniques like waterboarding to be found in the Constitution.  He said he had research it carefully.

According to Scalia, the term “cruel and unusual punishment” refers only to sentences imposed upon individuals.  In the case of intelligence gathering (a worthy purpose), Scalia saw no Constitutional limits.  I guess the Middle Ages are in vogue again.

Did Justice Scalia think that

1. To some people his words are a license to torture?

2. That other Countries would conclude that if this standard is ok for the US, then they should not feel bound by the Geneva Convention or any bounds of human decency?

3. That it is unreasonable to think that our Founding Fathers would have condoned torture?

4. That this type of thinking is the beginning of a slippery slope and if torture for intelligence is ok, then why not to gather evidence for a heinous crime like murder or rape?  And from there it is only steps to root out political thought that the party in power does not like.

There are many other common sense reasons to renounce torture.  Experts all say that torture is unreliable.  I would also ask our right wing conservative evangelical and fundamentalist religious groups, in this situation WWJD?

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