Another Trip

The “great decider”, President George W Bush left town yesterday and headed for Africa.  Why Africa?  Well why not, and besides no one else wanted to see him.  This trip will take him to several African countries all with a claim to oil or other valuable minerals.  George knows how to get out of the rain, trust me.

The Country can rest a little easier because Laura is with him on this trip.  Still you have wonder, why Africa and why now?

1. The surge is stalled.  What should the Country do?

2. The economy has slowed to a crawl.  What should the Country do that will produce real “value creation”?

3. Many (too many) of the Banks, the Investment houses, and the bond insurance companies have made greedy and bone headed investments that appear co-mingled with other of their assets such that the consequence of the write offs could be born by investors who wanted none of that risk when they invested.  What regulatory action is called for?

4. Bush and friends are stalled in their quest for retroactive immunity for the telecoms that cooperated with the illegal Goverment spying program.  If this is such an important issue, why is the President not working to find a compromise?

5. The Russians are still not happy with deployment of our anti-missile missiles and radar in Poland and the Czech Republic.  Is there not something that needs to be done here?

Africa is a proper place for the US President to visit and certainly from a foreign aid perspective, Africa is long over due for a visit.  But why now? 

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