So What’s Next?

There seems to be plenty of expectations about the nature of General Patraeas’ Congressional testimony this week.  It has already been leaked that Patraeas will recommend a “pause” in troop withdrawal, and the shocker of a news report is that Presidents Cheney and Bush will approve this recommendation.  John McCain has also already said that the surge has been and continues to be a success and to pull out now wold be a defeat.  So what is the expectation about?

It is inconceivable that General Patraeas will report anything that is not already known.  US troops, if they pull out, will only leave a vacuum to suck in all the civil war forces in the region.  Oil and the wealth that can come from it is quite a target.  But how is that different from before the “Sadr cease fire” a year ago?

The current mess simply underscores the foolishness of the Cheney pushed plan to invade Iraq.  Every business man knows that when you embark on a new venture (like an acquisition or a joint venture, or most all contracts), the termination or exit clauses are as important as the opening terms.  That reality was totally lost on our Chicken Hawks in 2002 and today we are stuck with the mess.

The next President, especially if by some strange chance it is John McCain, must have a NEW POLICY, not a new war plan.  The Iraqi Government is a house of cards built around US troop presence.  The US is trapped until it faces up to the real facts and accepts the consequences of its failed policy.  The new policy must include:

1. International support based upon a new and more cooperative, non-unilateralist view of the world.

2. A recognized “honest broker” approach to the entire Middle East.

3. A serious national policy to develop alternative energy sources that will reduce green house gases and cut our dependence on foreign oil by 50%.

4. Closure of Guantanamo and the return of all prisoners to their home countries unless they are transfered to US courts and tried under US law.  There can be no secret evidence or witnesses.

5. The mission of US troops in Iraq must be changed with a eventual withdrawal in mind.  Whether it is training or simply peace keeping, the scope of the mission must be reduced.

6. Careful thought must be given to separating the country into three parts (Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite) with an imposed split of oil revenues.  (The idea is that these groups will fight for their oil anyways but if they are already assured some split (plus foreign investment incentives), they might not fight so hard for more.

It is unlikely that any of the candidates are thinking this definitively with campaign financing and for the democrats, simply the nomination is still in question.  It is to their supporting “brain” trust that must be charged with these details.  What we can expect, however, is that John, Barack, and Hillary recognize that it is not the troop withdrawal that counts, it is what the new policy turns out to be.

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