The Pope, the Candidates, and George W Bush

The news reports were full of comments and observations about the Pope’s surprise performance on his just ended US visit.  The Pope seems to have held his own “come to Jesus” meeting on the flight to the US and decided he needed to recognize reality or face losing more church members and more importantly, their money.  The Pope wisely confronted the child abuse scandal that pervades a celebrant church.  This was a brave and necessary admission and should help the church (although until Priest can be woman and marry there will be constant abuse).  The Pope also said by not saying that Universities are places of learning and not “pitchmen” for half baked ideas like Intelligent Design.  The Pope also put the issue of abortion into a reasonable light.  He called for mankind to respect all forms of life.  No one can be for pregnancy just to have an abortion so pro-choice people should be able to live with this Pope statement.  Abortion should be an option chosen only after deep thought.

The candidates spent the weekend muddying the waters.  Hillary threw as many mud-balls as possible at Obama while Barack tossed a few back himself.  The contest in Pennsylvania is practically decided in favor of Clinton but the question is “will it be a large and convincing victory or just a close one”?  It is difficult to see any more information on why Barack should not be the nominee even though he does not have enough pledged delegates.  John McCain continues to have difficulty getting the spot light and in many respects that is good.  McCain is trapped in the position of being a Republican and having foolishly called for more tax reductions when the country is nearly bankrupt.  McCain has also been as clear as mud on his strategy for ending the war in Iraq and significantly reducing the costs associated with it.  (The reason is most likely that he, as did Bush and Cheney, wants a military presence indefinitely in the Middle East.)  The subject the candidates needs to be talking about is “what will be the US foreign policy and how that policy will benefit a new domestic policy”.

President Bush, sporting an 18% approval rating remains squarely in “never never land”.  His Middle East strategy (largely do nothing unless Israel tells him to) is a bust.  The evidence of 8 years of neglect and foolish decisions are all around.  Oil prices are at record highs with no sign of leveling in sight.  Iraq War is a hopeless quagmire.  Our currency is tanking.  The US economy is sluggish and in slow decline.  The divisiveness that marked the Rove/Bush “political capital” have left the country tired and worn from constant mean spirited rhetoric. 

Against the example of Pope Benedict who has changed his tune after having made a mess of things, and George W Bush who seems oblivious to the world around him, the Candidates have two examples of how to deal with reality.  The questions is will we ever hear John, Barack, or Hillary abandon the past and embrace the cures our Country so desperately needs.   Where is Michael Bloomberg when we need him?

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