The Marriage Non-Issue

When one considers all the troublesome issues facing the next President such as global warming, the huge cost of the Iraq War, America’s low global world reputation, the plummeting value of the dollar, the trampling of individual American civil rights, and sorry state of our country’s fiscal and monetary policies, one should ask “who cares” about the issue of same sex marriage.  Here’s why the debate will arise…

1.  Those who raise this issue to the national level are mixing the social norms of our country with the main stream Governmental issues.  These “issue raisers” fall into two groups.  First is the hate mongers who driven by some “for profit” church leader prey upon those who they feel less human then themselves, thereby raising their own personal self image.  The second group is mainly those leaders of the gay and lesbian organizations who want to be treated as equal human beings faster than society as a whole seems to be willing to move.  Both of these groups are set to fight for reasons of their own.  There will be no “social discussion”.

2. Marriage is a myth, at least when expressed as a “sacred” or “holey” event.  Marriage is pure and simply a civil ceremony where certain legal rights and tax breaks are granted to couples (as opposed to single persons).  Both “for profit” and “not for profit” churches can also have ceremonies called marriage and they certainly can set the bar for who can partake.  While many who call themselves “christian” and do not accepts gays and lesbians are fully equal human beings seem to me less than what I understand the term “christian” to imply, that is their priviledge in these private organizations.  But the Government is for all the country and not just some of it, but this seems to be misunderstood.

3. The Republican Party is in deep trouble this election and will need to change the national discussion from the shameful and absolute failure of the Bush Administration to something else.  Same sex marriage is one of those hot button topics that will capture supporters who will once again make a deal with the devil to prop up their “for profit” church.

Once again logic seems to fail us.  Civil unions can provide exactly the same rights as marriage does today.  So here is an idea.  Let’s remove this discussion from the emotional campaign stage where it stands today and make “civil unions” the national standard for receiving any favorable tax treatment, the right to inherent from a partner, the automatic healthcare proxies, etc, and then let people go to their church, club, or social group and receive the ceremonial label “marriage”.  Rights conveyed by Governments should be for all citizens and be distributed fairly and as equal as possible.

How do you think the candidates will handle this hot potato?

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