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Barack Obama has returned home from his trip to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, occupied Palestine, Germany, France, and the UK to mixed reviews.  It is reasonably clear that Obama looked like a President and can be trusted to not make a fool of himself on the International stage.  In the same period of time, John McCain, safely in his favorite environment – “town hall meetings” – managed to get Czechoslovakia confused with the current Czech Republic twice.  If anything, Obama’s trip brought very positive reviews in the foreign press and unlike President George W Bush’s recent trip, there were no anti-America chants.

Interestingly not everyone has seen Obama’s trip the same way.  Some saw the trip as early celebration of this November’s election.  Others say Obama was acting as President before he was elected.  And if any of those were Republicans, they were moved to close their eyes (hold there noses too?) and vote for “John McBush III”.  While this is worrisome, there is still much time for other impressions to be made for both candidates.

Obama needs to catch his breath and then get the political discussion away from John McCain’s one note symphony and compare their ideas on everything other than the surge.  Obama should dismiss any mention of the surge with “Iraq War was an invasion and occupation, not a war, and was totally unnecessary, reckless, and enormously costly when compared to any benefits.  The surge was never necessary”.  What about the economy, or the state of US monetary and fiscal policy, or about the widening gap between the rich and the poor, or the stagnation of middle class income, or about how we can save social security and improve health care and still balance our budget.  These are the big issues.  There are other hot button issues like a woman’s right to reproductive health, complete acceptance of gay/lesbian as full fledged American citizens, and a much more sensible view of immigration which could individually be a litmus test for some voters.  In any case, let’s get this discussion going.

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