Preening and Posturing

“Preening and Posturing” writes Bill Kristol in a May 4th dated article which I read in the on line Weekly Standard.  “Throwing those who guard us while we sleep to the wolves”, Kristol explained.  Kristol, who as a leading neoconservative, provide plenty of space and ideas for the Bush “chicken hawks” and goaded them into the invasion and occupation of Iraq as well as other excesses such as Abu Ghraib, the NSA spying, enhanced interrogation, and the shameful Guantanamo detainment center.

Rather than move on to new themes having seen the abject failure of the policies he had championed in the early 2000s, Kristol is set on building a defense for his role by encouraging readers to worrying about the CIA and the protection of the American public.  What all the neoconservatives failed to realize was that their idea of protecting America was worthwhile but achieving this protection by any means was not.  “Might makes right” and  “ends justify the means” were the real themes of the neoconservatives.  Strangely people like Kristol were willing to ask us to trust our Government on matters like this but that Government could not be trusted on matters such as social security, healthcare, or any other progressive idea.

The “extreme” preening and posturing that is in full display these days in not limited to the Democrats (as Kristol would have his readers believe) but in fact is the hallmark of the Republican apologists who oppose everything President Obama proposes.  When it comes to the “torture memos”, the subject strikes too close to home.  The right wing, conservative elements of the Republican party (and not the Libertarians like Ron Paul) see an unlimited executive as both necessary and as a model of efficiency.  President Bush and his sidekick, Dick Cheney (or was it the other way around?) have shown us clearly how to misuse this power.  What more do we need to see why in order to appreciate our Constitution’s checks and balances.  It separates the US from all other countries and has been probably the most responsible factor for the security of all Americans?

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