Woman Beating, Anyone?

Senate Republican leaders are taking aim once more at their feet, and it seems Governor Kathleen Sebelius may be in the way.  Sebelius has been nominated by President Obama to become the next Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Kansas Governor Sebelius who was elected twice by Kansas voters, who usually vote Republican, has received high marks for even handed leadership.  What could be the reasons to threaten to derail her nomination?

Leave it to Republicans to rise high on their horse and cite Sebelius’s support of a womans right to reproductive health.  They posture and strut around, and then say things like, “we need to know about her views on abortion and her association with a late term abortionist?”  It makes no difference what Governor Sebelius thinks about either of these questions, she is being nominated to run a Government agency and is bound by the laws of the land.

There has not been a single issue around whether Governor Sebelius can lead the sprawling department.  There is also no argument that it is important to fill the Secretary position and get on with business, especially with a world pandemic raging with its ultimate impact still uncertain.

The Catholic Church has, on its own, spoken out against Governor Sebelius citing her pro-choice position as the litmus test.  How an organization that contains an estimated one thirds homosexuals (and denies it… gays must not tell!), continues to experience pedophilia (and claims it is just a few bad apples), and has consistently denied woman priesthood (and kept woman in as lowly roles as possible), can continue to speak on denying a woman a non-sectarian government role for her private views, is a lot to swallow.

This is an issue that the Obama Administration should fight to the end.  While Governor Sebelius is well qualified, she is not the only person for this job.  Rather, this type of obstructionism based upon sectarian views is wrong and dangerous to our Country’s future.

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