Christmas Fools

The saying goes that a full moon brings out the demons and for some unfortunate people, their behaviors turn bizarre. I wonder whether Christmas has the same effect?

A woman in hear mid twenties jumped a portable retaining fence, and tackled Pope Benedict while he was leading a Christmas Eve procession. This was not her first attempt at getting up close and personal with the Pope. She, unsuccessfully, attempted the same thing a year ago. I guess she believed in the adage, “if you want to succeed, try, try again.”

On Christmas Day, on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, a 23 year old man hailing from Nigeria and claiming to be acting on instruction of al Qaeda, set off a home made explosive device. Fortunately the device did not cause a large explosion and near by passengers and crew subdued this nut case.

You are left to wonder why “Christmas”?

Symbolism is the only answer that keeps popping up. Christianity and Catholicism have spent generations spreading their brand of God and at various times have found warfare useful in achieving their religious and organizational goals. Islam has as freely practiced warfare, and in addition has today a problem with its identity. As a group, Muslims are relatively poor and second grade in terms of education and economic growth. The rich Muslims who control lucrative oil assets feel little need to share them with the general population and have made deals with Muslim clerics about what to give to Caesar and what to keep for Allah. For them modernity represents a huge threat, and the Western World represents modernity.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the Pope. He stands for a religion that denies women equality. Over centuries, the Catholic Church has been on the wrong side of worldly decisions. They were charter members of the “flat earth” society. And their current position of recommending only “abstinence” as a precaution against AIDS symbolizes their comfort with the past and dislike of modernity.

There is plenty of examples with both Christianity and Islam to stimulate a troubled mind into action.  The Pope and the US are as good  targets as any.

The first line of defense against acts such as these begins within Christianity and Islam.  If someone wants to follow the teachings of these religions, it is fair and just. The problem both religions incur (and why we all should be concerned) is that they are not content to have a “closed loop” club (what they teach at home, stays at home).   Most Christian and Muslim Clerics, instead, seek to impose their views on others rather than to be content with enjoying their theology themselves.

This most basic violation of commonsense leads to Christmas Fools.

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