Toothless Tiger

Senators Fluster and Bluster have been vocal for quite some time denouncing the nomination of Elena Kagan for a position on the US Supreme Court. Their speeches have been political theater and intended to reassure their supporters that they do not agree with the President’s nomination. Beyond Fluster and Bluster, there has been little else said about Kagan.

Democrats have sufficient votes to approve the nomination and there has been no smoking gun uncovered in Kagan’s history. Although there should be no doubt that Kagan represents a “progressive” view of the Constitution, the normal Supreme Court votes will remain 4-5 in favor of the conservative side.

The real fireworks will come only if one of the five conservative votes (Kennedy, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, or Thomas) needs to be replaced. Then Senators Fluster and Bluster will have to fight to get air time because every right wing or religious group will be on the airwaves denouncing whomever President Obama nominates.

This is a long way of saying why it is so important that Democrats do not loose control of the Senate in this falls elections. Losing control of either house is not good and will bring immediate gridlock to Washington. Gridlock, however, is far superior to a prejudice to push back years of precedence. The mean spirited right wing views speak against modernity and belong in the trash can of history.

Take heed.

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