Leak or Leaks?

Today’s newspapers are telling Americans that the war in Afghanistan is going poorly and that the Pakistanis have not always been our ally. These reports are based upon “leaked” electronic correspondence, mostly from lower level military members and all “unclassified”. The White House is aghast and has uttered the words “someone could be killed or injured because of these leaks. Hmmm.

It should be a surprise to only those who have slept for the last 8 years. Instead of exiting after the fall of the Taliban Government, the US decided to stay. Nation building would eliminate the chance of the Taliban coming back we were told. The Bush Administrations dismal execution wasted 6 years and now President Obama is into his second year with just as many doubts about the future.

President Obama should view this leak as a blessing and use it to pivot. Military force is too blunt a weapon for Afghanistan and country building is too expensive for one country to afford. The US needs a new policy on Afghanistan, one that does not trade US soldier’s lives for vanishing gains in pacification. The US needs to recognize that the Taliban represent the same threat to most other countries (if a threat exists) and steps to mitigate should come from wallets of at least the G-8, if not the G-20.

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