Yes, And…?

A new out of State funded attack ad has come to Pennsylvania TV screens. The TV spot characterizes Democrat Senatorial candidate, Joe Sestak, by saying (ominously), “he voted for government health care”. How bad is that?

If you equate government with bad, then this add makes sense. Or, does it?

The US health care system is presently based upon private doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers. US residents enjoy the highest cost per capita and the highest yearly increase in premiums of anyone in the world. The US ranks about 17th in the world for its overall health care and among third world countries in terms of infant mortality. On top of all this, the current system is on a collision course with bankruptcy. So, tell me again what is wrong with more Government involvement? And by the way, seniors love Medicare.

These facts are clear. Where are the Democratic counter ads? It is time for Democrats to get serious about explaining what is really the case and not trying to hide hoping Republicans won’t exploit voter ignorance.

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