It has been instructive to hear Republican and Neoconservative supporters of former President George W Bush.  They have flocked to the forefront in search of any open microphone.  Their message… we were right.

If their message is directional, we can agree they were on the right side.  If their message is about truth, they are just as wrong today as they were from 2000 to 2008.

The crowd that supported “W” fell victims to the juice they were trying to sell everyone else.  Deconstructing government and helping oil companies and any other big spending K-Street organization was the focus of this group.  Their goal was simple.  Get elected and divert as much money as possible into the hands of supporters.

The Bush Administration slept until 9/11 took place.  They had been warned but knew better.  Following 9/11 there was little they could not do which would remind the nation of fear and how the nation needed these tough Bush guys.  The irony, of course, is that Karl Rove and “W” were two softies of the first magnitude.

Never the less all government responses to 9/11 were crafted for maximum impact on the 2004 election.  The enhanced interrogation methods were first conducted in secret since the nation’s reaction could not be predicted.  This was a cowardice Administration.

Think about these brave men.  Invading and occupying Iraq under false pretenses, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, wireless (unauthorized) wiretaps, NSA spying on Americans, and ultimately, the collapse of the financial sector.  This all happened on “W’s” watch.

So it is with amazement that I watch and listen to some that old crowd puff up their chests and try to claim credit for finding bin Laden.  They do not seem to remember that it is ten years after 9/11 or that the CIA “bin Laden” desk was disbanded during “W” term due to lack of action.

You have to suspect that Republican motivation is similar this time.  If they could fool the country into thinking it was Bush/Cheney that are responsible for bin Laden’s elimination, so much the better.  But they will settle for clouding the subject so that Democrats do not get credit.

It is not in Obama’s nature but his best move would be to encourage the right to say more about enhanced interrogation.  Then ask Attorney General Holder to prosecute.

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