The Setting of Back Fires

Get ready, it is almost here.  Soon America will be drenched in 24/7 nonsense.  Reality will give way to magnificently constructed spin.  Yes, Karl Rove and his friends will be back with their version of “trick or treat”.

The Cross Roads crowd will be putting the television airwaves aglow with opinion forming messages.  Today they are airing one on raising taxes.  It shows former President Bill Clinton saying he would not raise taxes for the rich or poor.  The message, of course, never mentions the deficit or the debt, or does it mention GOP opposition to President Obama’s jobs proposal.  The President proposes to fund his jobs bill with taxes on the top 2%.

Protecting the top 2% won’t fly next year when the Democrats (both the party and progressive super pacs) decide to spend money.  The moral and logical argument on the necessity of higher taxes and the clear reasons why the top 1% do not pay enough already will swamp any conservative message.  Next year there will need to be other spins.

One that is beginning fosters the notion that President Obama has lost the war in Iraq.  President Bush had won it, and in just 4 years Obama has lost it.  Politically this is a great issue.  President Obama will have to fight with one arm tied behind his back.  Here’s why.

The Iraq invasion and occupation was probably the greatest foreign policy mistake of this the last two centuries.  The reasons for invading were never justified and the resulting turmoil following regime change has been morally repugnant.  The famous surge was in fact a shame.  What actually took place was the fruition of a covert program to pay militias for both the Sunnis and the Shiites to stop their insurrections.  With three distinct groups, what do you think is going to happen when US forces leave?

President Obama’s handicap is that to denounce the Iraq war for what it was will be seen and advertised as a slap against our service men and women.  The 4400 dead will be held up as heros and President Obama will be said to have no respect for them.

Logic and facts will be put in abeyance.  Despite having spent almost $800 billion on a war of zero necessity, the President will be caught in the position of having to say we fought a good war and now the Iraqi people have decided what future they should have.

The unblemished truth is the invasion and occupation was a huge mistake.  President Obama’s role was to extract American troops steadily but over as much time as he could get in order to provide for the greatest chance of stability.  In accordance with the Iraqi government’s wishes, the end of 2011 is that time.

Bush defenders and the foreign entanglement supporters will rise and criticize President Obama.  Karl Rove is a member of neither one of these groups.  Rove is just a mud slinger who cares not what mud he slings.

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