Do The Boy Scouts Wear Brown Shirts?

Scouting is as American as apple pie.  Most Scouts start out as “Cub Scouts” and then graduate to “Boy Scouts”.  They learn to be comfortable in the outdoors, working as a team, and to doing good deeds for others.  They dress neatly and are taught to be courteous in their interactions with others, especially older people.  Sounds like good stuff.

There has, in the past, been a little angst over scouting.  They wear “brown shirts” you know.  This similarity to Hitler’s youth “brown shirts” has been raised by many with the fear that America was raising a generation of militia oriented youth.  The overwhelming evidence is, of course, to the contrary.

Boy Scouts are now engaged in a no win contest.  They are surely on the wrong side of history.

The Scouts have just reaffirmed their policy of denying membership, either as a scout or as a leader, to anyone of same sex orientation.  A homosexual could know the scout oath by heart, or earn all the merit badges there were to earn, or help more old ladies across the street than anyone else.  It makes no difference.  If that person comes “out” (or is outed), they can no longer be a Boy Scout member.

The Scouts defend their policy on the basis that they are a private organization and this is their right.  In other words, government or other citizens using courts cannot interfere with Scout policy.

One is left to wonder how senior Boy Scouts of America Board members think this policy through?  Does a knot know whether a heterosexual boy tied it, or whether a pup tent was erected by a same sex oriented boy?  Does a good deed suddenly become a bad one if the doer is gay?

And what will this generation of cloistered scouts think when they go off to college (or into the working world) and find so many talented, kind, and hard working people who prefer same sex relationships?  What will they think when they learn that it is nature, not nurture that makes some of us heterosexuals and others homosexual?

The Scout’s position is not one of logic.  Dogma is more closely aligned.  It has the smell of god behind it, “christian values” you know.

The head scratcher is why they have overlooked, “do unto others as you would want them to do to you”?

It must not be part of the Scout code, I guess.

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