What does the word “sanctimonious” and $6.1 billion have in common?

Today the NCAA announced sanctions against Penn State in the aftermath following the Jerry Sandusky child molestation verdict.  Penn State President, Rodney Erickson, and NCAA President, Mark Emmert stood “sanctimoniously” before television cameras and gathered reporters this morning in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Emmert announced the sanctions which had previously been accepted by Penn State.

The actual sanctions ranged from the probably appropriate (Penn State donating $60 million to the victims) to the absurd (rewriting history and saying Joe Paterno did not win  his 409 victories.  This communist era tactic of writing out of history someone or something authorities did not like is bizarre.

Penn State’s football program is believed to be the third most profitable in all football.  During the years that Paterno coached, the school has grown in stature as an educational institute and as a leader in assisting athletes to study and graduate.  The value of these two accomplishments is immence, yet they seemed not to figure in today’s announcement.

The NCAA focused upon the facts that Paterno did little in follow up on a report of Sandusky’s child sexual abuse and counseled against bringing in outside authorities.  To listen to the NCAA findings, one would think Paterno had instigated the child molestation.

This sad situation actually involved the chain of command, AD, VP, and President.  While not directly implicated, the Board actually should bare as much guilt for not having provided much of any governance during Paterno’s 50 years of coaching.

Our laws, both criminal and civil, will continue to grind.  The AD and VP are already indicted by a grand jury.  The former President may well be indicted based upon evidence uncovered by former FBI director Louis Freeh.  Justice, as we know it, should be served by these legal processes.

So what is this $6.1 Billion, and what’s its connection to “sanctimonious”?

The NCAA total revenues last year was $6.1 Billion of which about 80% comes from television contracts.  This is the golden goose.  About 97% of the $6.1 billion flows back to Universities and represents profits with practically no expense.  Did you know student athletes are not paid?  Everyone else in the process is paid handsomely.


I think I wonder whether the “sanctimonious” demeanor of both Emmert and Erickson is more related to the net present value of future college sports income than the present $6.1 Billion?

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