The Scream Of Silence

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has just completed his overseas tour.  He got his picture taken, had a few good meals, and did not say much.  On two occasions, what he said was ill advised.  His claims about the state of preparation for the London Olympics and for the wealth accumulation of Israelis was the red meat wirg reporters look for.  The election should not turn on those comments.

Romney’s trip, in an odd way, has highlighted a gapping hole in both candidates’ campaigns.  The US economy is stalled (or at least moving at a snail’s pace).  The deficit is over $1 trillion so cutting government spending (even though overdue) will not help improve the economy.  Health care costs are out of control and repealing the Affordable Health Act will not lower health care costs (like kissing your cousin).

What is either candidates position?  Reducing taxes will only make the deficit worse and increasing them will take money out of the economy (arguably increasing taxes on those earning more than $250,000 may still be the fairest step to take).

Columnist David Brooks recently said President Obama’s pronouncements on what he would do were like mouse bites attacking this problem, and Mitt Romney’s were in effect no bites.  It was striking during Romney’s trip, he held no news conferences, answered no reporter questions, and made no policy statements.

Tradition has been that Presidential candidates do not discuss domestic politics outside our shores.  In this regard, Romney’s silence was appropriate.  The silence, however, has emphasized the lack of any Romney comprehensive plan to handle the US domestic situation.

In its place we are left with Romney and his Super Pac’s criticizing President Obama and saying Romney knows how to fix the economy.  There are just no words to describe how he would fix it.

My guess is that both candidates know what they should do.  Both know that if they said what was really necessary, they would lose the election because the opposing campaign would vilify their position.  Taxes must be raised and new ones implemented, entitlements must be reigned in, defense spending must be trimmed. and ultimately health care must converted to a universal system as found in most other modern industrial countries.

These steps would be painful to be sure.  They would need to be phased in and would face extremely difficult political opposition.  Demagoguery would reign supreme.  So it is probably understandable that neither candidate wants to talk about what exactly he would do.

So we are left with mice bites or no bites.  Which do you believe?


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One Comment on “The Scream Of Silence”

  1. Imzame Says:

    Very well written.

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