The Blind TV Watcher

Gabby Douglas, 16 years old, won the woman’s all around gymnastics title yesterday. Her win capped two years of intense training, living away from home and training with her coach.  Gabby beamed confidence and it showed in her performance.  Among the world’s best, Gabby Douglas shined the brightest.

NBC’s Today show interviewed Gabby this morning.  Among all the possible story lines, like how in the world one can perform so well on so many different drills, NBC chose to introduce her with the appellation, “Gabby Douglas, first African American Olympic all around gymnastic gold medalist”.  As if the viewer could not tell she was an African American.

So what was there point?  Was it significant that Gabby was an African American or the first African American to win (like they have arrived) or just what?   I bet there have been no Mexican American winners either.

For sure Gabby is a gifted individual.  On top she is dedicated and focused.  Hard work and natural ability are always the keys to success.  She should be a wonderful role model for any other young person and especially young African Americans.  I just think everyone would be better off focusing upon what really counts, skill and hard work.

Dumbing down the message is something no TV producer is bashful about.  Don’t buy it however.  Gabby earned her title because she worked extremely hard.

I wonder whether blind people do watch TV?


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