Mitt Has A Suggestion

In an interview this week, GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney deplored the negativity of President Obama’s campaign.  Romney pointed out that the negative tone was contributing to his slumping poll numbers.  Everyone would be better off if Democrats and their Super Pacs stuck to the issues.

I am sure Romney is correct and that all voters would be better off without negative ads.


There is more than a touch of irony here.  Romney won the GOP primaries on the strength of negative ads against his Republican opponents.  Against President Obama, Romney’s campaign and the associated (but not coordinated) Super Pacs have written the book on negative as well as “half to no truth” ads.   Romney’s hands are stained with negative ad ink.  So now that things are not working out, Romney thinks it is time to change the rules.

There is no doubt that negative ads work.  Otherwise, why would both parties use them.  What I can’t quite understand is why President Obama’s negative ads are so much more effective?

Could it be that negative ads actually cancel each other out?  Could it be that once the negative ads are neutralized, voters can focus more on the issues?

If that reasoning is correct, then the GOP web of deception becomes clear.  How can cutting taxes, slashing entitlements, and increasing defense spending result in a balanced budget and job growth?  How can reducing regulations lead to good outcomes with the banking and investment community when in the past it has always lead to trouble if not out right disaster?

The logic behind Romney’s and the GOP’s proposals escape me.  What doesn’t escape me is that President Obama has so far only disclosed steps which will keep America where it is.  President Obama’s future is more of what we have now.

So voters are being asked to decide between more of the same or someone who is either lying or is simply mistaken.  Voters appear to be deciding that with Romney’s plan the top 1-2% will do alright but the rest will not.

I wonder whether “an issues only” campaign would be any better for Romney?  Or, would “issues” require Romney to change his policies?

The lurking and unanswered question is,  would different GOP policies appeal more to voters?


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