Another Sarah Palin-esque Pick?

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Saturday his Vice President running mate pick.  It was US Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  In many regards, Ryan’s pick was reminiscent of John McCain’s Sarah Palin pick.

Wait.  Paul Ryan, in comparison, is both knowledgeable and experienced so that is not the comparison.  Why then Ryan?

Ryan is a pick designed to change the Presidential race’s conversation.  When McCain picked Palin, he was trailing and on a path to lose.  McCain needed to do something. Romney is in about the same position now.

Romney has taken a huge chance too.  One might ask whether Romney has acted bravely, or just out of desperation.  Ryan is not faint when the spot light shines.  He also speaks with a much difference cadence and emphasis.

The question is will the spotlight fall on Ryan or on Romney?

Bluntly, if you wanted a brain surgeon, Romney might be your man.  If you wanted a doctor for you and your family, however, Ryan’s the better pick.  One, you listen too, the other, you feel you can talk to.

The Ryan pick, however, will most likely do one thing for sure.  It will cement Romney’s shoes into the GOP’s hard right policies.  The top 2% might smile but the bottom 98% will cringe.

Romney has thrown overboard the option of moderating his view on taxes and spending cuts, and guiding the election conversation to which candidate might be the better chief executive.  With Ryan, it is double down.  It is all about slashing entitlements, keeping defense, and lowering taxes for the top 2%.

With President Obama vulnerable, the GOP had a clear path if they steered their ship towards the center.  Republicans could have said the economy coupled with the debt is a national problem which will take sacrifices from all Americans.  Defense, like the rest of the budget must see some reductions.  But those words you will not hear.

There will undoubtably be a positive bounce for Republicans.  Ryan will strengthen the support of Tea Party types.  In a few weeks, however, Americans will return to the fact that it will be President Romney and his take on policies, not President Ryan.

Without shared sacrifices, there is simply no way to sell cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Affordable Care Act (health care), and dozens of other infrastructure programs.


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