Strike Up The Band…

The GOP Convention begins today.  It actually officially began yesterday but Hurricane Mildred (or whatever its name) prompted Republican leaders to shorten the first day to about one hour.  The party (like those who came to party) were delighted.  Others got out their worry beads.  Media companies saw profits tumbling.  Would the Hurricane (or is it really a Tropical Storm?) overshadow the free publicity the Republican Convention was expecting?

In the olden days, Conventions often played a pivotal role in selecting the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.  This time we know who the candidates will be.  Conventions also hammered out the “platform” and played mediator on the exact language.  Maybe this time too, but it looks like “no abortions, no exceptions” will carry the day.  This, however, speaks volumes.

The polls tell us that about 90% of voters have already made up their minds.  More information will only confirm the already established opinions.  What does this say to you about the sincerity and wisdom of Party Leaders who are flooding the airways with “Liar, liar, pants on fire” political ads?

Politics has always been about capturing and distributing political spoils.  In the recent past, maybe back to Reagan, national politics were about sharing the public troth.  The winning party simply got a little more.   It looks like today it is not a little more, but rather a lot more.

We have seen decades of kicking the can and avoiding tough but mandatory decisions.  Despite the GOP rhetoric, this election seems no different.  Cutting taxes (read lowering taxes on the wealthy) and also reducing entitlements (read taking government spending from the lower 98%) is a proposal going no where.

The GOP will strike up the band tonight.  Promises will spew forth.  Ironically, the most judicious path forward for the GOP is actually to promise a lot less.  The idea that sane, educated, and caring people could support no abortion, no exception is politically ridiculous.  I cannot see a family man like Romney standing before the cameras and saying that “if Anne’s life had been endanger, I would have still tried to save the baby even if it meant taking Anne’s life”.

Democrats have so far simply been less Republican.  Democrats have offered no coherent plan to get control of the deficit or to grow jobs.  Democrats have, however, shown far greater appreciation for voters as people.  So what?  Will that sway the election?

My guess is that in the final weeks of the election, both parties will turn to negative ads with a capital “N”.  The strategy will be to hit the other candidate with outrageous lies and hope there will be too little time for the other side to respond.

What a way to run an election.

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