Finding The Hole In The Line

This Saturday kicks off the 2012 College football season.  Football fans can’t wait.  The magic of a long touch down pass or an offensive lineman who blocks so well a gapping hole opens in the defensive line.  Through that hole, the star back races and scores a touchdown.  What a sight.

Last evening someone who looks like a football lineman spoke at the Republican Convention.  Governor Chris Christie might even be bigger than some linemen and if words can be an indicator, Christie is as fast as any.  It is hard to be sure but it sure looked like Governor Christie opened a hole in the Democratic line.  The question now is can Mitt Romney run through it?

Christie emphasized leadership and telling voters what reality really is.  Christie said that voters know what is going on and telling them before asking for sacrifices is what needs to be said.  On this score, Christie couldn’t be more correct.  GOP faithful, however, may simply prefer to think Christie was “right” as in right wing.

So Mitt Romney has the chance in his acceptance speech to run through the hole and set the record straight not about being “right”, but being “correct”.

We will know Romney is on the correct path if he says:

  • Our economy has become very complex in the last 50 years ago.  America needs comprehensive plans to both encourage entrepreneurs and help develop a labor force with 21st century skills.  We need government direction that aims at a steady but controlled growth rate and increases in the number of good jobs.
  • National Defense is the government’s first priority.  Defense, however, must reflect America’s national goals and self interests.  In this complex, global economy, America needs a more affordable combination of foreign policy and defense.  While America should remain the strongest country in the world, it cannot afford to spend more on defense than all other countries combined,
  • Families remain the most important unit in America’s future as in its past.  The family unit, however, must be flexible and open to new norms if America is to utilize its best talent.  Both women and men may become the “stay at home” partner and greater access to safe day care is essential if both parents work.
  • While I (meaning Romney) do not believe as a matter of faith that abortion is acceptable, I (meaning Romney) also recognize that the woman is the final arbitrator in whether to end a pregnancy or take it to full term.
  • While I (meaning Romney) also do not believe as a matter of faith that homosexual life styles including same sex marriage are acceptable, I recognize these Americans are human beings too.  As President, I will heed the wishes of Americans on this subject.
  • Lastly, I (meaning Romney) will propose to Congress a “comprehensive” immigration plan and seek from  Congress legislation that will address the estimated 12 million undocumented aliens living in America.  America has thrived upon immigration in the past and can again in the future.  Our immediate neighbors, Canada and Mexico, who share with us the longest unguarded boarders anywhere in the world, must be given special recognition amongst all the possible immigrants.

I am confident that if a Mitt Romney were to say this (and mean it) Thursday night, he would streak through the hole in the line and race on to win in November.

The likelihood, however, is that Romney will not go near these subjects.  As a consequence, Romney will need to carry the extra burden of disinfection by certain groups and outright disbelief by most that lowering taxes and raising defense spending lay on the path to more jobs and a balanced budget.


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3 Comments on “Finding The Hole In The Line”

  1. Robert Wilken Says:

    I’m not so sure I can take your sunny demeanor (or, maybe hope) seriously regarding the Romney outlook. Whereas everyone seems to love Chris Christie’s bluntness and honesty, I’m not so sure that Romney can sprinkle any of that magic potion on himself and come out sounding authentic.

    If Romney were to win the election…and, it is entirely possible… he would be in a somewhat unique position. Perhaps no one knows other than himself, what policies he would pursue. He has certainly changed his stance on so many issues so many times. It’s intriguing to think whether he would in deed be the master or if all those rising, rebellious Republican and Tea Party stars would be pulling the strings. Romney could very well end up as a captive in the way that John Boehner has in the House of Representatives.

    George W. didn’t have to deal with such a feisty bunch and could ideologically afford to be all over the map. His “compassionate conservatism” was a neat ploy to at least show concern for the less fortunate and thereby garner votes. But in the end it was a non-program that simply recognized good deeds already being done by benevolent organizations. Today it could be a successful tactic if it weren’t for the fact it would be a retread. His sane immigration policy was roundly thumped and would be today. His greatest legacy is his global war on aids. And he did this by throwing money at the problem. It worked. The kind of thing you would expect more from a Democrat. I’m not so sure it wouldn’t be considered a budget-busting issue by the current crew.

    No, given the tenor of the recent Republican party line, I see little hope for for a balanced tax policy, sane regulation, an humane social safety net, fair immigration policy and a tolerant attitude toward the whole basket of social issues. There is so much rage and anger engendered within the party regarding “illegals”, homosexuals, women’s issues and labor unions. And, it’s an anger that wants to have its own way, not one that is inclined to compromising solutions where all can say “we” gave in a little.

    As for Christie, he sounded more like a candidate campaigning for himself. He has been successful in New Jersey, although I understand unemployment has been increasing there recently… well above 9%. Governors in many states, Republican and Democrat alike, have made a difference. Scott Walker excepted, it seems that within states, the attitude is more along the lines of “Let’s solve the problem and work together to make a difference.” They don’t have the heavy baggage of social issues. They don’t have such a toxic political atmosphere. So, pragmatism works.

    • Robert, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I find little if anything to fault in your comment. I worry a lot that Romney might win and there goes the Supreme Court for another 20 years.
      The position I was trying to stake out was a hypothetical one. If Romney were to say X, Y, and Z… but there is a snow ball’s chance he would say that, much less a chance to follow such a course.
      Let’s hope that some how President Obama pulls this one out.

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