Your Mouth and Your Wallet

GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s campaign is sputtering along.  It is not that Romney could not still win the November election, rather it is that his campaign momentum seems stationary or possibly in reverse.  Is it possible to revive his election bid?

Former NBC anchorman Tom Brokow said earlier this year when asked who he thought would win the election, “it is just too soon, too often events not known today will swing the election”.

Will that happen and favor Romney?   Maybe but with Romney we first have to look at how he has gotten to where he is.  His lack of momentum is no accident in my opinion.

At this stage in the campaign most voters do not know who the real Mitt Romney really is.  They know what he has said and what he promises to do if elected.  Unfortunately, Romney has a record of having supported in the past the opposite position of each of his campaign promises.  So what will he do now?

Secondly, Romney has felt it necessary to adopt one lame brain right wing conservative idea after another.  These ideas (or ideology) don’t make sense in a modern scientific world, yet Romney swears to them as if they were one of Newton’s laws.  Romney’s stand on immigration, homosexual discrimination, women’s rights, balancing the budget, and how to get the economy going are not favored by the majority of voters.  Compounding that, the GOP naked grab for power by implementing photo ID laws and the conservative Super Pacs seemingly unlimited use of money and negative political ads have added to the electorate’s sour view.

Now back to Brokow’s comments.

The outbreak of middle east violence with attacks at the US Egyptian Embassy and Libyan Consulate (with the killing of 4 Americans) is the type of unforeseen event that Brokow might have been thinking.  Enter the Romney team.

Romney issued a statement criticizing the Obama Administration for its reaction to the Cairo attack.  Romney claimed that a statement released by the Embassy distancing itself from a reputed anti-Islam video was an apology when in fact, Romney said, the Government should have been denouncing the attack in the strongest of terms.

Precedent has been that in matters of national emergencies, especially foreign affairs, Presidential campaigns hold off any criticism.  Not this time.  So as the dust settled and the timing of events became clear, voters learned that the Embassy statement was issued 6 hours before any demonstrations and subsequent attack on the Embassy.

Republican leaders were caught off guard.  While politically they could see the poor judgement in Romney’s remarks, they also could see the possibility of opening a “foreign affairs leadership” front.  “President Obama is weak in foreign policy and has allowed America’s leadership to weaken”, they called out.

Senator John McCain saw his 15 minutes of fame opportunity and did not let it pass.  McCain whined that with the US military departure from Iraq, the announced withdrawal from Afghanistan, and refusal to draw a clear “red line”, as Israel has demanded, against Iran, the President has weakened the US in the Middle East.

What is he thinking?  Does he think we should beef up the US military presence in the Middle East and pay for it with Medicare and Medicaid reductions?  Does he think we should put the lives of other people’s sons and daughters at risk and allow those with greater means to skip military service?

There is a reason Mitt Romney’s momentum has faded.  His policies seem to support those who already have and do little for those who do not have or are still trying to get ahead.  If Romney supports the feelings of people like McCain, than Romney will need to change his “no new taxes” pledge and put his wallet where his mouth is.

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