47% Says It All

I missed posting yesterday.  The whole world (well actually just US political pundits and bloggers) weighed in on Mitt Romney’s fund raising remarks.  Some voices of the GOP called Romney out for insensitive remarks.  Others tried to put a favorable spin without much success.  Romney, himself, tried to say “well if you think what I said was bad, just look at what President Obama said in 1998”.

Missing yesterday has given me time to think through Romney’s remarks.  I think Americans should thank him for saying what he has been accused of and what many of us thought were his real deep convictions.  There is no need for anyone to be confused in voting this year.

Romney’s comments appeared to be his sincere thoughts and it is now all out in the open.

In tying the 47% whose vote he says President Obama has locked up with the approximate 47% who pay no Federal income tax, he has conflated to separate and distinct issues.  His message is clear.  People living on the public dole vote for Obama.

In “$50,000 a plate” speak, attendees heard Romney say not worry about any increase in their taxes.  Not paying more taxes is fair because those 47% benefiting now are people who believe they are “entitled” to a free ride.  What red blooded American can accept that, Romney implied?

Romney’s intentions are clear.  If he can persuade 5-10% of the Independents to worry about the entitlement group sucking more money from them, Romney should be able to win.  And then guess what, no new taxes for the top 2% regardless of what happens to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or any other social safety net programs is the price.

So why again was the release of Romney’s private comments so important?

The reason is 98 and 2.  Many who live in the 98% of earners (especially those in the upper ranges), think of themselves as destine for the greener pastures of the top 2%.  With the gap between the very rich and the rest widening, the odds are these 98%-ers gaining permanent access to the 2% group is small.  It is more probable that they will someday value (if not depend upon) Social Security, Medicare, as well as aspects of the Afford Care Act.  They will also value assistance their children receive while attending college on their path to the American dream.

Hmmm.  There should be many more than Independents thinking through the 47%. Is this philosophy ultimately good for me?

Between Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democrat Convention and Mitt Romney’s at this fund raiser, the American voter now has a clear picture of what’s at stake.  There is no need to squander hundreds of millions on Super Pac negative ads.  It is time to vote.

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