Rolling Calamity

Columnist Peggy Noonan updated her assessment of Mitt Romney’s campaign.  It’s a “rolling calamity”.  Noonan, like many other Republican supporters, are critical of the way Romney is driving his campaign train, not what the train is carrying.  Hmmm.

Voters as well as most political observers recognize the toss up nature of this year’s election.  President Obama has little to show for his first four years.  (There are plenty of reasons to explain but in the end, there is little to show.)

His signature Affordable Care Act, while moving the US into the midst of modern industrial countries by increasing access to health care, has done little if anything to fix the outrageous cost of US health care.  Congress has been hopelessly deadlocked during the President’s term.  Voters’ frustrations might turn on this thought, if the Republicans say publicly and often their first priority is to deny President Obama’s reelection, why doesn’t the President call the GOP out just as vehemently?  No guts?

Not to be overlooked, the economy is moving at a snails pace, economic growth is tepid, and the jobs scene is not meeting most people’s expectations.  Rolling up all this, it should be a cinch for Romney to win.  So what’s the problem?

Noonan says it is poor campaign management.  Look no further and fix that, she says.

The now famous “47%” speech represents poor management?  Arguably it is one of the most honest statements Romney has made.  It is also one of the clearest looks into the minds of the big money supporting the GOP.  This election, in their minds, is not about the 47%, it is about how the top 1% can keep more of their earnings while the rest of the country rots from the inside out.

And what about the sound bite, “President Obama is gutting Medicare by taking out $771 billion, and I will save Medicare and make it stronger” used by both Romney and Ryan?  These words scream, “you the public are so dumb, I can tell you a bold faced lie and you can’t tell the difference”.  (The Ryan plan includes the same $771 billion and changes Medicare to voucher program.)  This is open disdain for the average person and a prediction of what life would be like in a Republican Administration.

Let’s not forget the details of Romney’s plan to fix the economy and create jobs.  Oh, you haven’t heard the details?  Noonan seems to also think they are unimportant.

But we have heard a lot about the social issues that have nothing to do with the economy and jobs.  Women, gays, and immigrants have no trouble recognizing which political party will support their journey towards equal rights and inclusion.  One might wonder why a party would speak out so strongly against any issue when simply remaining silent would help keep the focus on jobs and the economy.  The only reason is that these issues are important to the Republican brand and Romney’s statements are a truthful expression of his beliefs.

So in reality, Peggy Noonan and the others who are critical of Romney, are making their judgements on style and not content.  Without major efforts to limit the voter turnout, the GOP looks doomed this year.  (What did you say?  What is this about photo IDs?)




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