A Secret Plan

Presidential candidate Richard Nixon told Americans in 1968 they should elect him because he had a secret plan to end the war in Vietnam.  When asked what his plan was, Nixon answered that it was a secret and he could not share it before the election. Hmmm.

Candidate Mitt Romney has said he can fix the economy and initiate a surge in job creation.  And yes, details of Romney’s plan are secret too.  Romney says just believe him, he knows how business works.  Hmmm.

Romney is also going to repeal Obamacare, keep all the good parts, and replace Obamacare with something else.  What?  Don’t know, that’s a secret.

On foreign policy, Romney is tell us that the Obama Administration has gotten everything wrong.  Under Romney’s foreign policy, things will be different.  And by now, you might have guessed, the detail of his policy are secret too.

During the primary, Mitt Romney told us he was “severely conservative”.  No one knew exactly what that meant then and based upon his recent statements since the first debate, “severely conservative” might not be such a bad thing.  Mitt is now telling the world that he has no plans to change Roe v Wade, he won’t increase the taxes on the middle class, and has shown no details on how or when he would reduce the deficit.  (The deficit can’t be reduced without paying more taxes or spending less money, or both)  Romney’s plans?  They are all a secret.  Hmmm.

What is no secret, is the 20% reduction in marginal income tax rates and similar reductions on corporate taxes.  What is clear is that the rich and corporate leaders will get their tax breaks before there are any plans in place to pay for them.  The rich will profit before there are measures taken to ensure the future for Medicare and Medicaid, or Social Security.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, maybe Mitt’s real plans aren’t so secret after all.

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2 Comments on “A Secret Plan”

  1. List of X Says:

    And let’s not forget his secret tax returns. I am sure Mitt Romney also has a secret plan to ensure government transparency.

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