A Simple Lesson On Equality

Along with apple pie and mom, the boy scouts are as symbolic of America and its cherished values as one can recall.  The outdoors, service to older women trying to cross the street, and of course, reverence to god are the wholesome images the boy scouts peddled and most of us remember.  Scouting was by definition, a good thing to do.

A few years ago (around 1980), Boy Scouts of America, adopted a policy which prohibited any homosexual from being a scout member or a leader.  This was projected as just another action to keep scouting safe.  You might say BSA leadership was trying to be “ahead of the curve”.

More recently the nation’s attitudes about homosexuality have begun to evolve.  Discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, and sexual orientation are now the standard in public organizations and are becoming the rule even in private ones.  No so for BSA.  This past summer, BSA leadership reaffirmed its “no openly gay/lesbian” position.

End of story?

To the embarrassment of BSA and its remaining supporters, Boy Scouts of America was forced this week to release its files on sexual abuse complaints.  There were 1200 files covering a span of 50 years.  Each of the cases went unreported to authorities and in many cases, involved accused scout leaders who were allowed to transfer to another troop and remain scout leaders.   Hmmm.

So let’s summarize.  There is an organization which has some small percent of its members who molest young children.  The organization finds out about these alleged molestations and covers them up.  No report is made to police authorities.  This organization in other unrelated policy action, fosters policies that treats homosexuals as unequal to straight people.  Hmmm.

I know these words refer to the boy scouts, but I wonder whether any other organization might also being doing the same?   Hmmm.

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