Who’s A Moderate?

David Brooks, New York Times columnists, gave an endorsement for President Obama yesterday without giving an endorsement.  Brooks spoke of what he thought it means to be a “moderate”.  Brooks says moderation is not half way between the extremes of conservatism and progressiveness.  Rather it is an approach that is mainstream, nether futuristic nor tied to the past.

The recent voter rush, the polls are citing, to Mitt Romney is not based upon Romney being a moderate.  It is true he has changed his position on most issues and spoken in moderate tones.  It is true he has not repeated his pledges to be “severely conservative” nor has he said he would pursue policies where undocumented aliens would choose to “self deport”.  It is true also that Romney has assured the middle class that his 20% tax reduction which will surely benefit the wealthy will also not put a greater burden on the middle class.  This rush is based upon the hope Romney is a moderate.

Why is Romney not a moderate?

David Brooks description of being moderate was about representing a true position.  Romney probably has true positions but if you add up the primaries and the post convention speeches, it would be difficult to assign a specific position (center, right, far right) for any of the policies Romney has addressed.

Lowering taxes when the debt and deficit are as large as they are is an extreme position.   Reducing entitlements while proposing tax reductions, increases in defense spending, and lowering taxes is an extreme position.  Saying you will eliminate regulations when the country sank into its worse recession since the great depression due to too lenient regulatory action is an extreme position.

Romney may be speaking in the closing days of the campaign like a he thinks a moderate might speak.  Romney may want those still undecided to think of him as a moderate.  Romney, however, given what he has said in total, is no David Brooks moderate.

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