Two Issues, Who Cares?

What does Congress, an elected body with a very low double digit job approval rating, do when presented two unusual events?  Before the election, one could rightly guess that the involved Congressional committees and their select Congress spokespersons would pontificate with words that elevated the event or issue to a national crisis.  But what would these same people do after the election?

The Benghazi consulate attack and the David Petraeus resignation are two cases in point.  In many ways, Congress’ reaction serves as poster children and support for Congress’ low job approval ratings.

Huffing and puffing over these issues, however, does provide the participants a chance to tell voters “I am still important”.  There is always the possibility that something important will be uncovered during hearings although that possibility is less than Congress’ approval ratings.

The media could fix this demagoguery by simple providing a minimum to no air time until all the official executive reports have been issued.  The media could, but won’t.  These subjects and the upset members of Congress provide the grist for the 24/7 talk shows.  Without these subjects, what else could the talking heads discuss?

The Benghazi rhetoric seems to ignore that Libya is currently like the old wild west.  Further, it totally misses the point that protection was the responsibility of the CIA who in any other normal country or situation has no role in protection.

David Petraeus’ resignation represents an even larger example of obtuse inquiry.  Why weren’t select members of Congress informed by the FBI?  According to recent reports, the leaks began when in late October an FBI agent assigned to the investigation was removed.  This agent was felt to be biased.  The suspicions seem founded because after being removed from the case, the agent then contacted the office of Representative Eric Kantor.  This was a totally unauthorized leak.  Select members of Congress (and their staffs) are no better at secret keeping.

In the fullness of time, the Benghazi situation will be seen as the unfortunate price for trying to influence events in unsettled regions.  Politically motivated attempts to discredit White House will shed more unfavorable light upon Congress.

The Petraeus resignation is still in play.  Why exactly did Petraeus decide he needed to resign?  Notification of select members of Congress over an affair (allegedly no security issues) seems wholly unnecessary, particularly if the White House also had not been notified.

Congress could make far better use of their time concentrating on the fiscal cliff and the steps to avert another severe recession.


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